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Home Gossip Gay actor Jesse Archer's personal life revealed. Find out his net worth and salary

Gay actor Jesse Archer's personal life revealed. Find out his net worth and salary

Rabina Koirala Fri Jul, 2016
Gay actor Jesse Archer's personal life revealed. Find out his net worth and salary

Known for his roles in unconventional movies such as A Four Letter Word (2007), Slutty Summer, Eating Out: Drama Camp, Violet Tendencies (2010) and Half-Share (2011), Jesse Archer is one of the most tantalizing “New York City boys”. Though being born in Oregon, Archer has been living in the Big Apple and has been enjoying his life there.

Back in 2010, Archer had revealed that among many other things, living in Australia is one of the things topping his to-do list. And this free spirit ticked that box off in 2011 when he moved to Elizabeth Bay with his long-term ex, gay partner Michael. It came as a shock to his followers and fans when they broke up their affair.


Currently, Archer is dating her boyfriend Zane, an American. The couple spent two years traveling the South American continent in wild escapades that resulted in his inspirational travel memoir ‘You Can Run: Gay Travels In South America’. The subtitle of this passionate traveler’s memoirs is “Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels”. On being asked what was his secret to keeping the ‘glam’ in travel, often on a low-to-no budget, Archer had a witty reply. He said,”Simple things, like if you wear sun protection or lotion, buy the one with shimmer in it. I also insist upon having gay sex in countries where it’s illegal. That’s glam, right?”

Before coming out of the closet, there had been no rumors of Archer being married or even having a girlfriend.

Born in 1974, this openly gay actor is ever grateful for queer cinema and film festivals. He admitted, “Without these festivals, we [the gay community] wouldn’t be able to see ourselves on the screen and of course, I’d be out of a job!”

This multitalented hunk has tried his hands at acting, writing, directing and even producing. He also has a popular blog titled Jesse on the Brink and is a regular contributor/columnist for "The Advocate" and "Out" magazines.

This New York scene socialite, known to have a fast attitude and a loud mouth, has openly admitted to loving the Drag Queens among the many queer things. And he loves the fact that this culture is openly accepted in Australia.

At Melbourne’s Queer Film Festival (MQFF) and Mardi Gras Film Festival, several of his movies were featured.

This sharp personality, soon to be 43 years of age, defines himself as a foreigner in Australia even having lived there for so many years now. “He’s definitely from all over. A foreigner. A tone-bodied, street savvy foreigner who knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it.”

In future, he plans to make more movies. With his mildly successful career till date, he is estimated to have earned a net worth of $1 million and a handsome salary of $250,000 annually.