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Published On Jun 06, 2017
Facts of Gavin Newsom
Date of Birth: 1967 , October-10
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 3 Inch
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After completion of his academic qualification, as a beginning of his professional career, Gavin co-founded an organization Plump Jack Associates L.P along with his family friend Gordon Getty. Later the business grew to an enterprise with more than 700 employees.

Newsom’s political experience started as he started volunteering for Willie Brown’s successful campaign for mayor. Moreover, he also hosted a private fundraiser at his PlumpJack Café. He was also appointed by Brown as a member of Traffic Commission and hired as San Francisco Board of Supervision by Kevin Shelley, where he served as the youngest member and the only heterosexual Caucasian male as well as an elected president of the commission.   

Newsom is also a book writer, his first book is Citizenville. The theme of the book tells "How to Take the Town Square Digital". He also published Reinvent Government which discusses the Gov 2.0 movement that is taking place across the United States.

Besides writing, Gavin also began working with the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society at the University of California.

Heading towards Newsom's personal life, he was in a relation with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, unfortunately, their relation didn't last for long. Gavin later connected with actress Jennifer Siebel. After dating couples of the year, they married in Stevensville, Montana. The couple gave birth to four children, Montana Tessa, Hunter, Brooklynn, and Dutch.

Newsom earns a good amount of money in his career recently he moved to Kentfield, California along with his family and bought a house for $2.145 million, the house is located with the heart melting view of Mount Tamalpais and covers 1.38 acres. His current estimated net worth is $10 million.

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom facts on timeline

Born in United States OF America.


Gavin Newsom was born on 10 October 1967, in San Francisco, California, USA to Tessa Thomas and William Alfred Newsom III. He was raised with her sister and graduated from Santa Clara University.

Newsom parents got Divorced


Newsom parents divorced when he was two. Later he moved with his mother and sister to Marin County. His mother suffered from breast cancer and passed away in 2002.

Started Business


Newsome and his family friend as well as his business investor Gordon Getty, registered a company PlumpJack Associates L.P. Further, he has expantion of his business in several fields, including more than 700 running employees.

Started several Business


From 2000, Gavin and his investor friend run various businesses such as PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn with a plumpJack Café, the Napa Valley Winery, the Balboa Café Bar and Grill, the Plump Jack Development Fund L.P., the MatrixFillmore Bar, PlumpJack Wines Shop Noe Valley branch, PlumpJackSport retail clothing and a second Balboa Café at Squaw Valley.

Holds Value More Than $6.9 million


Gavin’s business holds a value of above $6.9 million. Newsom provides a monthly gift of $50 certificate to PlumpJack Café employees, Newsom always believes that there is no success without failure.

Gained First Position


Newsome won by the first position in general election of a nine-man field. He received 41.9 percent of the vote, however, his lead opponent, Green Party's candidate Matt Gonzalez’s got 19.6.

Newson Mayor


In his political career, Gavin elected as a Mayor as well. He started merging his business with some of the popular companies such as PlumpJack Companies outside San Francisco which included the PlumpJack Winery, new PlumpJack-owned Cade Winery in California.

Won Re-election


Newsome won re-election on November 6, 2007, with over 72 percent of the total vote. With this victory he promised to focus on the environment, homelessness, education, housing, rebuilding San Francisco General Hospital and Healthcare etc.

Married Jennifer


Newsome married actress Jennifer Siebel in Stevensville, Montana. Beside this Urban Rural Roundtable was hosted by Newsom to explore ways to promote regional food development and increased access to healthy affordable food where he secured $8 million in federal and local funds for the better streets program.

Faced Attack


Newsom faced attack for the City of San Francisco’s policy of illegally harboring juvenile criminal aliens in 2009. In the following year, he also received the Leadership for Healthy Communities Award along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. 

Named as America's Most Social Mayor


In 2010, Newsom addressed with the name of “America’s Most Social Mayor”, the selection based on the analysis of the social media profiles of mayors from the 100 largest cities in the U.S.

Joined Long Beach City College


Newsom called by the Long Beach City College's Superintendent, for the formation of the California College Promise. In the following year, he also called on the University of California to reclassify computer science courses as a core academic class.

Reside in California


Currently, Newsome and his family reside in Kentfield, California where he bought a new house, the house holds the direct view of Mount Tamalpais. The cost of the total land is $2.145 million and covers 1.38 acres area.