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Home Gossip Gavin DeGraw Rumored To Be A Gay Despite Previously Dating Girlfriend Amanda Loncar

Gavin DeGraw Rumored To Be A Gay Despite Previously Dating Girlfriend Amanda Loncar

Ashmita Karki Fri Sep, 2016
Gavin DeGraw Rumored To Be A Gay Despite Previously Dating Girlfriend Amanda Loncar

Gavin DeGraw is a renowned singer, who has succeeded in making lots of fans because of his outstanding voice and songs. But, he is quite mysterious when it comes to his relationships. 


In 2004, DegGraw was believed to be dating actress Amanda Loncar but after Loncar, Degraw’s name has never been connected with any woman. Because of this, rumors about him being gay are flying around. But how true is it? Let’s find out.

Gavin DeGraw And Amanda Loncar's Relationship

Beginning with DeGraw’s relationship with Loncar, this couple never actually accepted their relationship officially. But the strange thing is that they neither denied it. This couple was seen hanging out together in lots of places. They looked really happy and perfect with one another.


This made DeGraw’s fans suspicious about his relationship with Loncar. Thus people believed that they are not just friends but are actually dating. However, the news about their break up came later. The reason behind their separation is unknown. Neither of the pairs spoke about why they stopped seeing each other.

Gavin DeGraw Stayed Single

Loncar moved on in her life and dated actor Ben McKenzie but DeGraw stayed single. The reason behind DeGraw’s singleness is quite confusing. 

Gavin CAPTION: Gavin DeGraw SOURCE: Music Mag

A lot of people assume that he was still in love with Loncar and others believed that DeGraw was confused about his sexual preference.

Gavin DeGraw Is Gay?

For the last 15 years, DeGraw has not had a girlfriend. In fact, he has not dated any woman since then. Therefore, the rumor about him being gay is rising rapidly. Celebrity and being gay is not a new issue but the question is why is DeGraw keeping it a secret.


Some of his fans claim that he is not gay because if he was then he would not sing a song like “In Love With a Girl”. But others believe that if he was straight, he would have married a woman and made her his wife by now.


Good times with @DaneCook the other night! #regram

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image: Gavin DeGraw with a friend

After being assaulted by unknown people on 8th August 2011, DeGraw was seriously injured and hospitalized, but he was released on 9th August 2012. During an interview with US Weekly,

he said, “I even got flowers from Elton John. I was like, ‘Wow, these are beautiful. Thank you.” DeGraw must have received many flowers and ‘get well soon’ wishes from his fans and friends but his reaction to Elton John’s flowers was quite surprising yet cheesy.

Honestly, DeGraw is yet to come out and clear the doubts about his sexual preference that his fans and admirers are having. We’re sure that you guys agree with it.

video: Gavin DeGraw's 'In love with a girl'


Do you guys think that Gavin DeGraw is gay or straight? Let us know in the comments below.