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Home Gossip Gary Wales,"The Lion King is still my favorite film". Is he married?

Gary Wales,"The Lion King is still my favorite film". Is he married?

Shauhard Bikram Rana Sat May, 2016
Gary Wales,

Gary Wales were born on the 29th of September 1995, Scotland. According to his date of birth, his current age is 21 years old. Wales started performing at 6 years of age in community theatre and moved to county Armagh in Northern Ireland at the age of 12.

It was from here he began to advance his love of acting and production involvement. Wales had had roles in a number of the local stage production, tv programs, short films, as well as commercial work. Wales attended the Southern Regional College, studying Performance Arts.

His favourite film was  in his childhood days was the Lion King. He is the oldest of the 5 children, he has three sisters and a brother. His sister's names are Danielle, Hollie-both, lucy ad his brother name is Martin.

His upcoming movie for 2017 is Desperation (short), which is in the stage of pre-production, Love bite is also on the stage of preproduction. H has been on Game on thrones( TV Series) Realtor Troops, The Broken man(2016) Healtor Troop( Uncredited), Blood of My Blood ( 2016) Health troop ( uncredited), the Door( 2016) Healtor Troop ( Uncredited), Outbreaker( 2016) .. Healtor Trio( uncredited), No Answer (Short) Victim, Cooped(Short) as a Joe,Zombie Formal Queen (short) as a Tommy. 2Late (short) Reece Anderson, Shooting for Socrates Bar Member ( uncredited), 2late as a Reece Anderon, The Gifted, Shooting for Socrates,The Gifted.

He has also appeared on the Tv series 6Degree as a Bar Member. He has also worked for as a producer in Desperation, no Answer, and 2 Late. He has also worked as the director for Desperation and 2late and has worked as the writer for the film which is in the stage of preproduction Desperation.

He has worked as Camera and electrical Department in love Bites as a still photographer which is also in the stage of post production. He is not so tall, his height is 5 ft and 9 in tall.  There is no news about his affair. We can hardly speculate his net worth. He is young and busy and is earning . We don't know about his girlfriend.