Furious Chloe Khan fires her make-up artist for her devastating side-effects of 'botched nose job'

Furious Chloe Khan fires her make-up artist for her devastating side-effects of 'botched nose job'

The X Factor contestant, Chloe Khan was so furious that she actually fired her makeup craftsman, who left her looking "shit" by doing her makeup in the car in transit there, scratched off all her photo shoots for the day and is prepared to storm out of the country.

The 24-year-old hot model showed up her appearance on This Morning on Thursday to uncover the staggering reactions her outrageous plastic surgery makeover has abandoned her with. 

X Factor contestant Chloe Khan attends at This Morning

X Factor contestant Chloe Khan attends at This Morning

Source: Daily Mail

Celebrity Big Brother star has burned through £100k on surgeries which incorporate a nose work, lip improvement, breast expansion, liposuction, and base augmentation (known as Brazilian Butt Lift), the 24-year-old conceded the rhinoplasty has abandoned her unfit to smell or breath properly.

On the emotional note, she wrote on Instagram:

“I’m absolutely gutted about how I looked today."

“So y’all can chill with the shit DMs, I already know. It’s not her fault but it’s traffic but I was let down the last min with make-up artist and then we had to do it in the car.”

She added: “Half the things have been forgotten to be done and my foundation is about ten shades lighter than my face and my cheek bone contour is practically on my jaw.”

“If we have a shoot or any plans today cancel it because I just want to go home.”

“F**k new team and new people. Today was [meant] to be such a slay day with so many good things on and instead it’s stress and s**t.”

Finally, the model ended with: “Get me to Barcelona now. Going for retail therapy to sort my head out.”

Hot model Chloe Khan

Hot model Chloe Khan's Instagram

Source: The Sun

Afterward, she responded fans to why she was so upset with the situation.

"Thanks, guys. I’m getting some nice DMs as well now which I really appreciate,” she said on the video.

"I understand what people are saying if they think I’m being a drama queen. The problem is that years ago I looked like absolute s**t on TV.”

“So the thing is now, I don’t really do that much TV. Yeah, I do things now and again. But when I do, I have to look good otherwise I get killed on social media, on everywhere.”

Chloe Khan Hot and Sexy Model

Chloe Khan Hot and Sexy Model

Source: Daily Mail

"I’m not on Geordie Shore. I’m not on TOWIE. If I look s**t today, I don’t have a chance to look good tomorrow. Do you understand? I just can’t look s**t.”

"It’s annoying. It was last minute. I had a make-up artist booked but found out when she was already meant to be there that she wasn’t going to get there until I had to leave so we had to do it in the car. It’s just s**t. I really like the girl and I don’t want to put her on blast but the makeup was really bad.”

“The other thing is as well is that I don’t really care what people say. If I think I look banging I don’t care what people say. But if I know I look like s**t and then people are picking on my insecurities.”

Chloe had appeared on This Morning to talk about her botched nose job. She said:

"I can't smell and I can't breathe through my nose anymore. I really hate having surgery but I am going to get my nose fixed.

"I actually woke up during surgery and loads of things happened when I was there. It was just a disaster from the get go."


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She included that despite everything she awakens with nosebleeds and needs to tape her eye for 20 hours consistently to keep it from swelling. 

Chloe, who uncovered she split up with boyfriend Ashley Cain over her choice to proceed with the operation, first felt concerned when she touched base at the scene and understood that as opposed to being a healing center, it was in truth only a house.

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She revealed to Closer magazine:

“Just before it kicked in, I saw the doctor put a blanket on me which was dirty and had dried blood on it. I tried to say something but couldn’t speak because I was going under.

“Then, halfway through the operation, I became conscious and felt something hot pour over my face. I realized it was blood and tried to scream, but I couldn’t move. I wasn’t in pain but I did think I was going to die.”