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Home Gossip Hollywood Personality Adam Scott's Hit Movies And TV Shows, His Overall Net Worth

Hollywood Personality Adam Scott's Hit Movies And TV Shows, His Overall Net Worth

Blueprince Mon Aug, 2018
Hollywood Personality Adam Scott's Hit Movies And TV Shows, His Overall Net Worth

If you consider yourself a Hollywood movie Phanatic, then you should be well-accustomed to the face of Adam Scott, a 5 10 ft person who is renowned for portraying comic roles in many movies and TV shows, especially the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

45 years old Adam Scott has appeared in many hit movies and is an actor, producer, podcaster and a comedian as well. But despite his multi-career faceted life, he hasn't had the opportunity to accumulate himself a hefty net worth. 

Adam Scott Net Worth: $2 million

It is estimated that Adam Scott's net worth is around $2 million according to various sources on the internet.

CAPTION: Adam Scott
SOURCE: amazon

There is, in fact, a post by Mediamass that states that the actor is the highest-paid actor in the world. Further, it is also claimed that he earned $58 million between July 2017 and July 2018. The post further mentions that Adam Scott is now worth $185 million.

Adam Scott's career

Adam has made numerous appearances in big screen movies. He hasn't really been successful to portray major role but has acted alongside many prominent figures of Hollywood including Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, etc.

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Let's find out about his work in movies and TV one by one.

TV series

Adam's role in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, also starring Nick Offerman, is by far his most notable role.

There he plays the role of Ben Wyatt. He has also appeared in the fourth season of the Hellraiser series, Hellraiser: Bloodline.

CAPTION: Ben Wyatt
SOURCE: broadwayworld

Scott has also played in other television series like Six Feet Under, Boy Meets World, Party of Five, etc.  He was then cast as Plaek for the drama series Tell Me You Love Me which was premiered on HBO.

In 2017, Adam appeared in Big Little Lies and is currently acting in Ghosted on Fox.

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He has appeared in feature films like the Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Dinner and Driving (1997) Hairshirt (1998), Girl (1998), The Lesser Evil (1998), Winding Roads (1999) and many others.

Scott then appeared in a thriller movie High Crimes in 2012, directed by Carl Franklin, where he acted alongside Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.

That same year, he appeared in a short film Bleach. In 2003, he appeared in two movies Something More and Two Days by Sean McGinly.

CAPTION: Adam in High Crimes alongside Morgan Freeman
SOURCE: pinterest

Scott's other movies include The Aviator (2004) alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, which was directed by Martin Scorsese. He has also appeared as an FBI Agent MçPherson in the action film Torque(2004).

The following years, he appeared in movies like Monster-in-Law (2005), The Matador (2005), First Snow (2006) Art School Confidential (2006), Who Loves the Sun(2006), The Return(2006).  

He has also acted in comic films like Knocked Up (2007),  Lovely Still (2008)The Great Buck Howard (2008),  August (2008), and Step Brothers (2008) alongside Will Ferrell.

CAPTION: Adam in The Aviator
SOURCE: youtube

Adam has also co-starred in many movies namely Piranha 3D (2010),  Leap Year (2010),  Leap Year (2010) and  The Most Hated Women in America (2017). He starred in the films Friends With Kids (2011), Little Evil (2017) and Our Idiot Brother (2011).

His other works include Bachelorette, The Guilt Trip, See the Girl Run, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Sleeping with Other People (2015), Black Mass (2015), Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015), My Blind Brother (2016), Other People (2016).

In 2017, he became the executive producer for the film Fun Mom Dinner and also was an actor in the movie. Well, the actor's career has been exquisite and he has grasped both financial and professional success. 

We are sure that his net worth will rise more in the years to come.