Fresh New Bombings in Sri Lanka; No Casualties

Updated On 25 Apr, 2019 Published On

A fresh new explosion has hit the island country, Sri Lanka, just days after more than 300 people died in suicide bombings on 21st April 2019 on Easter Sunday.

The new bomb blast took place in a town east of Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital on Thursday morning.


CAPTION: Fresh New Bombings in Sri Lanka; No Casualties

SOURCE: Mirror


Police informed that no one was harmed by the bombing.

The explosion occurred in a vacant land behind a magistrate's court located in Pugoda, 40km east of Colombo.

A spokesman for the police, Ruwan Gunasekera,

There was an explosion behind the court, we are investigating,  

He assured that the explosion wasn't suicide bombing like the previous others.

The entry road to Colombo's main airport had been closed after a suspicious vehicle was spotted in a nearby car park.

Employees at Sri Lanka's central bank were said to remain inside their headquarters in the capital by security officials.

The street that leads to the Central Bank has also been closed owing to security reasons.

The incident comes after the multiple suicide bombings within Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday which killed 359 civilians and wounded more than 500 people.