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Home Gossip Freema Agyeman Rumored To Be Getting Married, What's The Truth? Also Know Her Past Affairs

Freema Agyeman Rumored To Be Getting Married, What's The Truth? Also Know Her Past Affairs

Ashmita Karki Wed Dec, 2017
Freema Agyeman Rumored To Be Getting Married, What's The Truth? Also Know Her Past Affairs

If you are a fan of actress Freema Agyeman, you should be quite aware of her marital status. Those who aren’t are curious about the lucky guy in Freema’s life. The British actress hasn’t been anyone’s wife yet, but she has dated a number of men.

Freema was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend James, and they lived together in North London. She also dated actor Luke Roberts. Well, recently there are speculations that the actress is planning to get married. How accurate are the rumors? Keep reading to get the details:

Freema Agyeman relationship with ex-boyfriend Jame

Freema Agyeman was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend James for a pretty long time. You might find it hard to believe but the couple began dating in 2007. James, an estate agent, was a very supportive lover, who always motivated Freema. When asked about James, Freema said:

‘James is really supportive and having him around reminds me of how fantastic it all is. If I start to treat it like it’s a day job or just works, I go home and I have him squealing with excitement that I’m in a magazine or that he just heard me on the radio. He and my family keep everything in perspective for me’.

Freema Agyeman with former partner Luke Roberts

Freema Agyeman with former partner Luke Roberts

Source: Contact music

Freema’s former partner had all the qualities that most women look for in a man. He took care of her, cooked for her, and supported her as well. Freema was already dating him when stardom hit her life. Although her lifestyle changed overnight, she wasn’t overwhelmed by the celebrity lifestyle. 

Freema Agyeman dated Luke Roberts

The Law and Order star's relationship with her lover James ended when she was spotted close to actor Luke Robert. Freem and Luke started attending events, functions, and award shows together. In fact, things got quite over the head when she started posting photos with him in the social media. 


Freema's captions confirmed that the pair was dating for real. However, it has been years that Luke and Freema hasn't been seen close. Looks like, they are no longer together.

Freema Agyeman plans of getting married 

At present, wedding rumors are surrounding Freema while we still are in doubt if she is dating anyone at the moment. Despite the rumors of her wedding, there hasn’t been any official confirmation. It seems like Freema needs more time to turn her boyfriend(if there's any) to her husband. We can blame her profession and busy schedule though!

Watch Freema Agyeman talk about her series Law and Order:

Thus, it is safe to say that Freema is not married nor she has a husband. There are no other records of Freema's affairs and relationships. Similarly, Freema doesn't have any children yet. We hope everything will happen at the right time for her.

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