Frankie Essex shows off her Curves in skimpy black swimsuit; Her Hard worked Transformation

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Former TOWIE star Frankie Essex has been a questionable figure for her new looks as she showed off her curves in a skimpy black swimsuit.

From overweight to weight loss, Frankie Essex is all set to come out with her new sexy blonde avatar and making everybody go surprised by losing two stone of her weight in seven months after her weight ballooned to 12th 8lbs.

So, let's find out what is the secret behind her new blonde look?

Frankie Essex looks sexy in skimpy black swimsuit

The fans of Frankie Essex are eagerly waiting for her new stunning looks, and the beautiful reality star has come out with her whole new look.

Frankie Essex showing off her new look

Frankie Essex showing off her new look

Source: Daily Mail

The former TOWIE star Frankie looked sensational in a racy outfit and showed off her toned and tanned figure in a bright orange halterneck swimsuit, with peekaboo detail to flash her ample assets.

The 28-year-old, Frankie, worked hard and spent maximum time at the gym to transfer her body over the years. And finally, Frankie stepped out in Tenerife over the weekend to show off her new slim body and was ready to ring in 2017 with her whole new image.

TOWIE star Frankie Essex's body transformation

TOWIE star Frankie Essex's body transformation

Source: Mirror 

Recently, busty Frankie was spotted in black swimsuit showing her toned and tanned figure during her Cyprus holiday. She lost over two stone earlier this year and has since been extremely keen to flaunt the fruits of her hard-earned labor.

The reality star looked body confident and carefree as she enjoyed the Cyprus sun. She looked very sexy in her black swimsuit, didn't she?

The reality star seems happy and confident about her life but rarely few people know that she used to be in the depression in past years thinking about her overweight body. Talking recently about her lowest point, Frankie said;

"I've had a year and a half of being sad and depressed and not even wanting to leave the house at times."

She added saying,

''I want to show everyone that being sad is all in your head and you need to believe in yourself and that you can do it.'

The 28-year-old has also released her workout DVD in 2017, Frankie Essex Weight Loss Workout to build up the confidence for those who hesitate on going to the gym and make out the body they like.

Though she has a beautiful body now, it was not easy for her to transform her body. However, she overcame the fear of being judged about her body and with all the hard work she found her shape of the body she wanted.

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Frankie Essex looks much confident after losing her body fat and marks herself as an inspirational figure for all the people. We wish her good luck ahead in times! Be healthy, be happy!

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