FOX's Shepard Smith Strikes Trump With A Brutal Fact Check On Russia Investigation

Updated On 12 Jan, 2018 Published On

"The president calls it a 'Democratic hoax.' It is not." Fox News host Shepard "Shep" Smith has fact-checked President Donald Trump after Trump alleged the entire Russia investigation "a Democrat hoax," during a news conference.

The president again calling the Russia investigation a ‘Democratic hoax. It is not. Fox News has been reporting and will continue to report that two people have pleaded guilty.” Smith stated. 

Mike Flynn, the national security adviser: guilty of lying to the FBI about matters Russia. George Papadopoulos, former Trump foreign policy adviser: Guilty of lying to the FBI about communications with people reported to be from the Russian government." added Smith.

Smith also criticized the comments made by Trump as he said that he would look at the nation's libel laws and pointed out that the President doesn't have any rights to modify them. He said:

All of that about libel laws, that was just a word salad of nothingness, because none of that means anything, except ‘look over here. He couldn’t change the libel laws if he wanted to change the libel laws, he couldn’t change them if he got the Congress in there. These are state laws, and that was nothing.

As per the report by The Washington Post, Trump has made 2001 misleading allegations in 355 days in office. 

Smith got more furious and said, "He’s not a dictator. He’s not a king. He can’t change the libel laws. That’s preposterous.”