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Home Gossip Fox News Journalist Liz MacDonald: Know about her Net worth, Salary and Career

Fox News Journalist Liz MacDonald: Know about her Net worth, Salary and Career

Jharna Prasai Sat Dec, 2016
Fox News Journalist Liz MacDonald: Know about her Net worth, Salary and Career

Elizabeth MacDonald, also known as Liz McDonald is an American Business journalist, Television personality, senior stock editor of Fox Business and Fox News and also the author. MacDonald has been covering business news since 1988. Elizabeth is the 54 years journalist who is graduated in B.A. She has covered various magazines and articles.  Till this date, Liz is said to be single and not rumored with any men.

It’s already been more than 25 years; Liz has worked as the journalist and exploring her talent to us. Liz is paid a huge number of salary for her performance by Fox news. Elizabeth's net worth till this decade is considered to be $12 billion.

Elizabeth Net Worth, houses, cars

Liz MacDonald's net worth is believed to be 12 million dollars. Her net worth may increase by the end of 2016. She makes about 47500 bucks by doing overtime. Liz's official annual salary and total annual income are not disclosed until this decade.

Her total assets include her luxuries houses, cars, properties, and stocks. Elizabeth also owns a private airplane. It has been a long time Liz has served as a journalist. So, it is obvious that she is one of the richest journalists in the United States of America.

Elizabeth successful career as a journalist

Elizabeth joined journalism by 1980s. In the beginning, it was not that easy for Elizabeth to get news and headlines. However, after struggling for a few years as an unknown anchor and journalist, she finally got the chance to deliver big news and headlines.

Elizabeth used to deliver front page stories, breaking news, economic news. She has also written Freedom of Information Act. She has also appeared as the guest commentator on both television and radio. She is the former fiscal editor of Worth Magazine and is also the onetime senior editor if Forbes magazine.

Elizabeth's journalism career in Fox Network

Elizabeth is giving her service in Fox Network since 2007 and it's the honor for Fox Network to get such a hard working journalist. Elizabeth is able to create billions of fans by her performance. Elizabeth turned to be worldwide famous reporter only after people started seeing her in Fox News And Fox Business.

Caption: Elizabeth MacDonald reporting the bottom line news in Fox Bussiness. She was considered to be one of the most dedicated reporters. 

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Awards and achievement received by Elizabeth MacDonald

Elizabeth has received a total of 14 awards till this date. It includes Award for Excellence in Investigation Journalism, Gerald Loeb for Distinguished Business Journalism, Journalist Award for Outstanding Public Service and much more.