Fox News Greg Gutfield says Media Digging at Donald Trump Jr. is Pointless

Updated On 11 Jul, 2017 Published On

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. meeting A Russian lawyer at a hotel room exposed him to criticism in the media.

Fox News ' Greg Gutfield shared his opinion on the matter talking to the show hosts Tom in the Tom Shillue Show about the latest controversies surrounding Trump family and Russia On Monday.

donald trump jr.

Image: Donald Trump Jr.

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According to him, all the controversies were unimportant and worthless as it wasn’t a big deal for somebody to have a meeting at a hotel room and the media was creating an unnecessary fuss about the whole thing.

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Greg said he thinks there are two rails right now, media rail and trump rail, the Americans have gone past the elections, but media is still stuck to it.

Video: Did Donald Trump Jr. meet the Russian Lawyer?

In the interview he asserted "America doesn't care"; only the media does and that the media should now learn to let go.

trump with his son

Images: Trump with his eldest son Trump Jr.

Source: Page Six

He added that the media is always trying to find dirt on President Trump and especially when it comes to his affairs with Russia which wasn't fair.