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Home Gossip Founder of the 'Philipp Plein International Group' Philipp Plein's Net worth

Founder of the 'Philipp Plein International Group' Philipp Plein's Net worth

Eden Tue Sep, 2018
Founder of the 'Philipp Plein International Group' Philipp Plein's Net worth

The German fashion designer Philipp Plein known for founding the company, Philipp Plein International Group that deals with his designing endeavors, Plein Sport, and Billionaire couture brands, has earned a lot in his career and through that, he has been able to grasp a tremendous net worth. 

As the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of his company Philipp Plein International AG, Philipp Plein has been able to increase his assets and earnings relentlessly. His inclusion in the Bilanz Business Magazine as one of the richest families in 2016 tell us how wealthy he is. 

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Well, today, let's talk about the net worth, earnings, properties, career, and such other of the famed fashion designer, Philipp Plein. 

Philipp Plein Net Worth: $180 million 

As we all know, a fashion designer typically earns around $66k to $150k per year. But, for Philipp Plein, it's not even equal to his monthly earnings. 

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From the sources, it has been reported that Philipp Plein has an estimated net worth of around $180 million. However, some also suggest that he has around $200 million of properties and assets.

CAPTION: Philipp Plein net worth $180 million SOURCE: Philipp Plein

In 2016, he was ranked as the 275th richest individual in Switzerland by the Bilanz business magazine's annual list of Die 300 Reichstein translating to Top 300 Richest. During 2016, the magazine estimated Philipp Plein's net worth to be around 175 million CHF (Swiss Franc). 

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Most of his earnings come from his career as a fashion designer while he also earns from his company. Recent reports show that the designer earns around $3 million to $5 million as his annual salary from just his fashion designing works. 

Philipp Plein International

Philipp Plein commenced his business with his company Philipp Plein International from Munich, Germany, in 1998. This company of his started with just a few staffs and now, it has over 500 staffs worldwide. The company has headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland and other showrooms in Milan New York, and Hong Kong. 

CAPTION: Philipp Plein's company Philipp Plein International AG SOURCE: Flannels

According to a report of 2015, Philipp Plein's company in just 2015 had a wholesale turnover of over $226 million. This company of his has over 100 boutiques all around the world. Through his work, several big celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, and Floyd Mayweather have worked with his brand. 

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As an added attraction to his brand, Philipp Plein also signed a deal of million dollars with the AS Roma football team. He agreed to dress the team since 2012/2013 season for the consecutive four seasons. 

Philipp Plein's Properties

As for Philipp Plein's Properties, he has a house in Cannes, France. He calls his beautiful house La Jungle du Roi which in French means The King of the Jungle. His mansion has two villas with their own aura. The price of this house is not specified. Let's look into what this house has. 

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His villas have crystal chandeliers all around with most of the rooms filled with black, grey, and white colors. The front gate has a statue of a gorilla with the markings saying King of the Jungle. Enter and you will see the house' name written on its walls. 

CAPTION: Philipp Plein's house entrance SOURCE: Caan Design

The house has outdoor pools with white color resting benches. Enter the home and find crystalized look everywhere. He has a huge kitchen, huge artworks, and most importantly, zebra masks on the walls. His house also has a mini theater inside. Not to mention the garage, which holds over $400k worth luxury cars. 

CAPTION: Philipp Plein's in his luxurious home SOURCE: Caan Design
CAPTION: Philipp Plein's dining hall SOURCE: Caan Design

Likewise, Philipp Plein also has a house at the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The East 71st Street house has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms and is made of Italian marble.

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The most outspoken part of his Manhattan house is his huge bathroom. His master bathroom is larger than some studio apartments. His bath also holds a chandelier to increase its beauty. 

CAPTION: Philipp Plein's Manhattan house' Master Bathroom SOURCE: NY Times

While talking about his car collection, Philipp Plein has cars worth over $400k. He has two Lamborghinis. The guy also owns a Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini Aventador, and a Rolls Royce Dawn.  And, not to mention, he also has a Bentley Continental

CAPTION: Philipp Plein's garage with luxury cars worth over $400k SOURCE: Caan Design

Well, this is all we could gather about Philipp Plein's net worth and properties. 

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