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Home Gossip Founder of 'Michael Dubin and Mark Levine' Michael Dubin's Net Worth and Incomes

Founder of 'Michael Dubin and Mark Levine' Michael Dubin's Net Worth and Incomes

Eden Mon Sep, 2018
Founder of  'Michael Dubin and Mark Levine' Michael Dubin's Net Worth and Incomes

The Founder of the Michael Dubin and Mark Levin Group, Michael Dubin is known as the CEO of the Dollar Shave Club based in Venice, California. His brilliant startup of delivering razor has had a tremendous effect on the entrepreneur's total net worth. 

With constant effort and unique business ideas, Michael Dublin made it possible for his startup Dollar Shave Club to attain one of the highest positions in the business environment making it worth over $1 billion. Many of us know who the groundbreaking entrepreneur is, but, how many of us know what he has done in life?

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Buckle up to your seats as we discuss the professional life and earnings of Michael Dublin. Let's jump right in to find out his net worth, incomes, properties, and much more. 

Michael Dubin Net Worth: $200 million 

The former Digital Marketing Director of the Sports Illustrated Magazine, Michael Dubin has an estimated net worth of around $200 million as of 2018. He earned all of his net worth from his startup business and from his jobs in several high-end companies. 

CAPTION: Michael Dubin Net Worth $200 million SOURCE: ABC News

Up until now, the famed entrepreneur has been involved in a number of businesses including the likes of NBC, Life, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Feed Company, and Sports Illustrated

Career Earnings

Michael Dubin started his career from NBC as a Page in July 2001. He was there till March 2002 and received around $11 to $12 per hour as his salary.

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Later, he was part of the MSNBC channel for a year and three months. He was one of the Associate Producers in the channel. During that time, he used to receive $30K or more as a part of his salary. During his time at MSNBC, he also helped start a $500K cross-country bus tour for On Location

CAPTION: Michael Dubin featured in Entrepreneur Magazine SOURCE: Entrepreneur

After his tenure at the MSNBC channel, Michael Dubin worked as a Marketing Associate for the Times Magazine / He was there for a total of around 2 and a half years and at that time, he received a salary of around $44K per year

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Michael Dubin was also a part of the Sports Illustrated magazine for 3 years and 2 months. He worked there as a Digital Marketing Director. Likewise, he also held a similar position at the Feed Company for just over a year. For both companies, he made $100K per year

Michael Dubin: Dollar Shave Club Earnings

Since, January 2011, Michael Dubin has been staying as the Chief Executive Officer of the razor delivery company Dollar Shave Club. The company came up 7 years ago and deals with Men's lifestyle. 

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The company became a higher prospect for business as soon as Michael Dubin, it's co-founder, shared a funny ad for the company. 

YouTube: Fate-changing video ad for Dollar Shave Club featuring Michael Dubin

According to the reports, Dollar Shave Club had an estimated sales of over $152 million in just 2015. Similarly, a year later, the whole earning of the company increased to a whopping $200 million

In similar fashion, Michael Dubin's company became able to raise over $160 million of capital funding after which the company got to a value of around $539 million

CAPTION: Michael Dubin in Dollar Shave Club ad SOURCE: Parachute Blog

In 2016, Michael Dubin gave up his owner tag after he sold the company at a price of $1 billion to the big brand, Unilever. Even though he is not the owner anymore, he still resides as the company's CEO. 

Michael Dublin's Properties

Since Michael Dublin has such a huge amount of net worth of around $200 million, he certainly lives a lavish lifestyle. He has a house in Venice, California. The cost of the house is unknown but, it is a known fact that he paid the interior designers Laurel and Wolf for the interior designing. 

CAPTION: Michael Dublin in his house SOURCE: Laurel and Wolf

The house is fully white with modern and open look while the kitchen has grey marbles and classic blue cabinet. Likewise, the living room has dual leather chairs and a sofa near the fireplace. All of the rooms are well accessible with natural lights and high windows.

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Well, this is all we can find about Michael Dubin's net worth and properties as the details of the cars he drives and the brands he uses is not readily available. Let's hope he would add a lot to his total net worth. 

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