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Home Gossip Millionaire Former NFL player Rashad Jennings Prefers Investment On Health Over Flashy Lifestyle, His Net Worth?

Millionaire Former NFL player Rashad Jennings Prefers Investment On Health Over Flashy Lifestyle, His Net Worth?

aisha Tue Nov, 2019
Millionaire Former NFL player Rashad Jennings Prefers Investment On Health Over Flashy Lifestyle, His Net Worth?

With 8 NFL seasons, the former American football running back Rashad Andre Jennings record the career earnings of $9.963 million. Currently, Rashad has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of November 2019, so, without a doubt, he enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Jennings lastly played for New York Giants until his waiver in February 2017, & later retired from NFL playing career on December 8 that year.

The former NFL player's post-NFL career also proved quite successful; he competed in the Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars alongside pro-dancer Emma Slater & won the dance reality show. Want to know more about his earnings & carer update? Here we are.

Million Dollars Shower From Playing Career: Contracts & Salary

The 2009 NFL draft by Jacksonville Jaguars, Rashad played for the team for 4 seasons until a shoulder injury got him in the injured-reserve & got a waiver. He earned a total of $1,833,450 from the Jags.

On April 11, 2013, the 6ft. 1 inch tall NFL player signed a deal with Oakland Raiders for a season, recording 733 rushing yards on 163 carries and 6 touchdowns that pocketed him $630,000.

Thereafter, he inked a 4-year deal on March 12, 2014, worth $14 million with New York Giants including $3 million in guaranteed. However, multiple injuries & drowning performance of Rashad got him a release from the squad on February 13, 2017. As reported, through 13 games, he made the lowest record since 2013 with only 593 yards.

Well, Rashad Jennings summed up a total of $7.5 million from the Giants. On December 8, 2017, he retired from NFL playing career & has since branched out to TV shows as well as an author.

Salary From NFL Teams

Team Salary
Jacksonville Jaguars (2009) $348,450
Jacksonville Jaguars (2010) $395,000
Jacksonville Jaguar (2011) $525,000
Jacksonville Jaguars (2012) $565,000
Oakland Raiders (2013) $630,000
New York Giants (2014) $3 million
New York Giants (2015) $2.272 million
New York Giants (2016) $2.25 million

Won Dance Reality Show 'Dancing With The Stars' And Authored Children Books

Rashad competed on Season 24 of the Dancing With The Stars along with professional dancer Emma Slater & won the series on May 23, 2017, being the 4th NFL player to win so after Donald Driver, Hines Ward and Emmitt Smith.

Reportedly, the former NFL player & Slater got hands in the prize money of $345,000.

Apart from TV shows, Jennings got handy success as an author; in 2018, he released a book for kids, The If in Life: How to Get Off Life's Sidelines and Become Your Best Self Rashad Jennings that became New York Times bestsellers.

Moreover, in 2019, the 34-year-old public figure released the other 2 books: 'Arcade and the Golden Travel Guide' and 'Arcade and the Triple T Token'.

Did you know? In 2014, Jennings became a brand ambassador for USANA Health Sciences. Through endorsements, his totals earnings record $279,375.

Gifted A House To Mother: How Lavish Is Rashad Jennings' Lifestyle?

A fortune of millions of dollars, probably many of us imagine lavish cars & a flashy lifestyle, however, it seems quite uncertain to happen in case of former NFL player Rashad Jennings.

Rather, the former running-back prioritizes his family & health. In December 2015, he bought a Hyperbaric Chamber worth $18,000; the Hyperbaric Chamber uses 100% oxygen which helps body injuries to heal faster & in an effective way.

Moreover, in March 2016, Rashad surprised his mother after he bought her a house as a token of love. Check out Jenning's mother priceless reaction which he shared via Twitter:

No doubt that Jennings lives a quality lifestyle & but seems thrifty about expenditure on unnecessary lavishness. Sources cite that he drives a Smythe Volvo that comes up within a range of $40,000.

In an interview with Yahoo in July 2018, Rashad talked about his preparation for off-field life:

"I don’t do debt. Me and debt don’t get along. A lot of times you hear about guys who bought a brand new car, buying a big old house.

I’m going to invest in my body. I pay for a particular type of training; I pay for a particular type of chef; I pay for a particular type of sleeping habits."


Furthermore, he added:

"If somebody’s going from $7 million a year … They stop playing football, and now they’re working a corporate job. Let’s say they’re starting to get $100,000. Seven million to $100,000 … That is a $6.9 million difference."

Surely, the former NFL star is aware of many other NFL stars like Warren SappVince Young and Bernie Kosar who went bankrupt.


Being an average kid along with his overweight, poor academically he always dreamed of becoming a runner back in NFL which he has successfully achieved.

Rashad runs his own foundation called Rashad Jennings Foundation to make education fun to the youth & raise awareness about health care along with guidance for individual success.