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Home Gossip Former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien and her husband Bradley Raymond happily married

Former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien and her husband Bradley Raymond happily married

Shreya Pokharel Tue Jul, 2016
Former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien and her husband Bradley Raymond happily married

Soledad O’Brien, a former CNN is currently in the highlights as the anchor for Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien, a nationally syndicated weekly political show owned by Hearst Television. 51-year-old O'Brien who has been a source of inspiration to all is also an exemplary wife who is married to her husband Bradley Raymond for 23 years.

The couple who have lived up to the wedding vows along with managing to boost up their career as well is now the parents to their 4 children. Soledad and her husband Bradley even after these years are free from mishaps of divorce. Probably, you are willing to know in depth about their married life, affair, and children. Let's begin the showdown.

Soledad O'Brien and her husband Bradley Raymon: Ther Married Life And Children

Soledad O'Brien, 51, is a very famous American philanthropist, executive producer, journalist, chairman of Starfish Media Group is married to Bradly since 1995. 

The couple has kept the detials of their relationship beginning quite low, probably it must have been great as even after these years, they are together deeply and madly in love like the newbies.

Yes, it's been two decades and the marriage is still as strong as day one with their relationship just heading towards optimism and love.

Husband and wife: Soledad O'Brien and Bradely Raymond

Husband and wife: Soledad O'Brien and Bradley Raymond

Source: Frostsnow

In this happy paradise of theirs, they have more members to add and it is their bundle of joy - their children. The couple has four children with two daughters named Sofia and Cecilla and twin sons who are Charles and Jackson

Soledad and Bradley first welcomed their daughter Sofia in October 2000, followed by the birth of Cecilla in March 2002. Their twin sons: Charles and Jackson were born in August 2004.

Soledad O'Brien with her four children

Soledad O'Brien with her four children

Source: Soledad O'Brien Unofficially

Bradley is the co-head of investment banking at Stifel and might be earning a huge fortune for his wife while Soledad with her alleged annual salary of $3 million has a net worth of $8 million as of 2018.

The happy family of 6 are living together without any shadows of the mishaps. We wish them best for further.

Soledad's Parents Did Inter-racial Marriage

O’ Brien, who is quite a loving mother and a doting wife, did not have an interracial marriage as her parents did. Her father was an Australian while her mother was Cuban. Both of them were immigrants to the USA and had a love marriage.

However, surprisingly, O’Brien did have a love marriage with Bradley, is an investment banker, but it was not at all of what she expected.

Mother wtith her four kids

Mother with her four kids

Source: Frostsnow

Rather, now in the media, she has reportedly told many times that she considers her relationship with Bradley very natural as everything just happened. She also adds that she is lucky because those times were hard times when she got married and interracial was not an option for her.

Aww! truly fated they were.

Founded PowHERful Foundation With Husband

Being a former CNN anchor, Soledad indeed has got her hands in social works as well. In 2011, she and her husband Bradley founded PowHERful Foundation. 

The organization helps young girls with resources they need to succeed in, targeting their facilitation to college- not at all a relationship of chalk and cheese.

Soledad O'Brien with CoverlGirl Partner for Female Emopowerment

Soledad O'Brien with CoverlGirl Partner for Female Emopowerment

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The organization was previously known as Starfish Foundation and before that, was known as Soledad O'Brien & Brad Raymond Foundation.

Together and forever does seem the mantra in their life, but more than that, supporting each other and standing by their side is what made their marriage come so far. 

The happy couple is free from the controversies and past affairs. Lots of love and best wishes to them. Stay tuned with us for updates.