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Home Gossip Is the Former American Football Runningback Rashad Jennings Married? His Affairs and Dating Rumors

Is the Former American Football Runningback Rashad Jennings Married? His Affairs and Dating Rumors

Shree Krishna Sun Sep, 2018
Is the Former American Football Runningback Rashad Jennings Married? His Affairs and Dating Rumors

Rashad Andre Jennings is a former American football running back, having played for Jacksonville Jaguars (2009-12), Oakland Raiders (2013), and New York Giants (2014-16) of the NFL. Jennings is currently a TV star, appearing as a regular contestant in the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars since 2017.

The former footballer skyrocketed to fame, winning the Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars with partner Emma Slater. Rashad Jennings win had him amass millions of fans, who are curious about his personal life.

Rashad Jennings' Personal Life: Love Affairs and Relationships

It might come as a shock, but Rashad Jennings is currently single. There haven't been many times he has been seen out on dates with some gorgeous ladies.

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However, Rashad, 33, had to face questions on his love life time and again, and the TV star has tried his best to answer his friends. He has his own way to it.

Back in 2017, Rashad Jennings shared a tweet, answering whether he has a girlfriend or not?

Well, not many do so!!

And this is not all, in March 2018, he again took to Twitter, 

When it comes to addressing his fans, Rashad Jennings is not only virtually active. On the 2018 Valentine's Day. , standing in the Times Square, New York, the former NFL star handed out red roses, personally. He indeed shows concern and makes sure that his fans feel loved and cared time and again. And he did it on the right occasion!

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CAPTION: Rashad Jennings on Valentine's Day 2018
SOURCE: Long Island Weekly

Now you might be wondering on why he doesn't have any girlfriend. Well, for Rashad to be in a relationship, his partner first have to be approved by his mother.

Rashad Jennings' Girlfriend: Mother's Approval

Rashad Jennings might have already been with a gorgeous lady, but it's up to his mother. His mother not only supports him but also is the one and only to approve his girlfriend.

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Speaking of it, back in May 2017, Rashad shared that any woman that will come in his life has to be approved by his mother.

My mom knows me very well and she knows anybody that I give the okay to be around, she’s gotta be okay. My mom, she’s gotten to know me over the years: ‘My son don’t talk to just anybody.’ So she gives the thumbs-up.

Whoever comes in the door, she’s already coming in the door with a thumbs up because I brought her.

At the same time, he revealed his past relationship with his longtime girlfriend, with whom he called it quits in 2014.

We went through each other’s growing stages and phases and shared all of those moments with each other: mistakes, happy times, sad times.

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