Fired Oklahoma Woman Arrested for Throwing Billiard Balls at Boss

Updated On 19 May, 2019 Published On

An Oklahoma woman, namely Ashley Priola, 26, was arrested for assaulting her boss with billiard balls after getting fired for showing up to work intoxicated.

The woman was taken into custody on Tuesday, May 14. She showed up intoxicated to the Red Dog Saloon.

However, her manager told police that she was given permission to work and dance until things turned for the worse.

The manager then fired her after she came to work intoxicated and she fell twice on stage.

Once the woman was fired, she grabbed a billiard ball and threw it at the manager. The ball struck her in the face.

Authorities later arrested her on assault and battery charge. As per the report, the 26-year-old offered officers "all of her money" for taking her back home on the way to the Oklahoma County Jail.

After being refused to going home, Ashley began screaming and banging her head on the window of the police vehicle and attempted to kick the window out.

The woman was booked into the jail for assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

The Oklahoma City Police Department didn't respond to a request for further details about the incident.

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