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Home News Find Out Why Chrystal Walraven, 28 Faced 20 Years In Prison For Taking A Beach Vacation

Find Out Why Chrystal Walraven, 28 Faced 20 Years In Prison For Taking A Beach Vacation

Suzan Sun Mar, 2019
Find Out Why Chrystal Walraven, 28 Faced 20 Years In Prison For Taking A Beach Vacation

A Mother In USA Faces Up To 20 Years In Prison For Allegedly Abandoning Her 5 Children After Taking A Beach Holiday To Get A Holiday

  • Chrystal Walraven went on a vacation allegedly abandoning her 5 kids in her home.
  • Round Rock police department charged Walraven with child abandonment and is facing up to 20 years in prison.
  • The Round Rock Police Department visited Walraven’s house after getting a report from the principal that the children were complaining about having to change their siblings’ nappies.
  • The police department found the children in a very bad condition and the police also said that the infant “seemed”.

Round Rock, Texas native, Chrystal Walraven went on vacation leaving her 5 kids behind unattended in her Round Rock. Round Rock police visited the Walraven residence after they were called by the principal of the kids’ school, Gattis Elementary School.

A CAPTION: A photo of the mom who abandoned her kids SOURCE: Daily Mail

The legal documents of the court after a child abandonment case was filed against Walraven by the Round Rock Police Department state that the children complained to the principal of Gattis Elementary School about having to change their siblings’ diapers.

After the complaint was made the principal contacted the police who visited the Walraven residence in Round Rock, Texas shortly after. According to their report, an infant crib was found near the front door and the baby was in a “dead” state.

In fact, the officers deployed at the time said that at first, the 15- month old baby was laying in her crib as if she was dead.

The police described the condition of the house as being very messy with stained carpets, scattered dirty nappies, and knives that were dangerously within the reach of the children.

After observing the horrendous and dangerous condition that the children were in the police contacted Child Protective Services.

Similarly, they also reached out to their dad who said that a neighbor was watching over his kids. However, when the police went to the neighbor’s house and spoke with her she told them that the father of another child was supposed to be watching them.

Also, the neighbors told Fox 7 that they thought Walvaren was at work the whole time.

After Walvaren was contacted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, she said that the kids were definitely not abandoned and one of their fathers was supposed to be watching them. The kids were placed in foster care but later were placed under the custody of one of their fathers.

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