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Home Gossip Find out how the career of director of social publishing, Ashley Codianni, led her from MSNBC to CNN

Find out how the career of director of social publishing, Ashley Codianni, led her from MSNBC to CNN

Shreya Pokharel Sun Jul, 2016
Find out how the career of director of social publishing, Ashley Codianni, led her from MSNBC to CNN

What does a director of social publishing possibly do?

Overseeing the publishing of social content around different media platforms or precisely the globe. Is that it? If that is what you think, then Ashley Codianni might just change your thoughts and perspective too. No kidding there.

Ashley Codianni, who is now the director of social publishing worldwide for CNN, is very famous for her snapshot interviews which comprise a lot of wit and humour. Codiaani’s interview is one of the most talked topics on social media and also earns a huge amount of viral hits. Not just that, this is also one of the several reasons for her high earnings and salary. Her net worth, however, is speculated to be around a million.

One of the most talked journalists in social media, Ashley undoubtedly deserves the position because who else shares such a huge fan following and has so many retweets just because of expression of their opinions and views. In her career, Ashley Codianni, from being the promotions intern for Bonnaroo Music festival to working with MSNBC and now for CNN, has done it all. Done it all means a lot of hard work that comprises of sweat and labour. So just don’t jump into that path she chose. Warning alert!

However, in all of this, there was one thing common - she has interacted with the people and knows this platform really well. And maybe the reason for her career spanning a decade is that she has travelled the world to cover election campaigns, local politics, and issues concerning the society. That is definitely one of the major factors of her success. Like there is a really minimal population, who gets to visit different places because of their job, and Ashley rightly fits that group. Rightly.

A graduate of the famous college of Worcester- Holy Cross, Ashley, obtained her degree in political science and government and has done several jobs to reach her that finally gave her the achievement of being the director of social publishing. Ashley, whose age is reportedly around her early thirties, has switched from several channels to come to her dream destination it seems. Seriously have a look. In a span of ten years, she has switched in seven companies. That is very active for an ambitious person like her who has channels such as NBC News, MSNBC, NBC Universal and finally CNN in her kitty after Mashable. Famous for her ways in capturing news in the most creative way alongside delivering her political opinions, she is most loved for being on point and yet sarcastic at the same time winning a lot of awards and accolades for it.

Even though her professional life is all over the social sites, there aren’t any news about her personal life, and reports can't actually claim if she is married or not. But-but-but there is love in her life. Associate's love. Much loved by her co-workers, they define her as a powerhouse of exceptional vision along with having a creative mind, which is an asset to the revamping of the news CNN Politics team.

She has been associated with the channel from 2012 by first being the digital correspondent and in a year getting promoted to Director of social publishing. Well, woman, that is some amount of progress. Kudos to the talented lady.