Felicity Huffman Appears in Court After Being Arrested For College Admission Scam

Updated On 13 Mar, 2019 Published On

Felicity Huffman appeared in federal court following her arrest for getting involved in a nationwide college admissions scam. Her husband, William H. Macy, attended the hearing.

The Desperate Housewives alum, 56, who was set on a $250,00 bail, was released from the prison on Tuesday, March 12.

The television personality, who wore a black jacket during the hearing, appeared gloomy throughout the proceedings.

Huffman was softly spoken while answering to the judge. She was down apart from when she looked at her husband.

The judge ordered her to avoid contact with anyone who is involved with the case. The prosecutor said at the point that William could also be a part of the case.

The prosecutor added, "He is certainly a subject of the investigation."

The prosecutor has "detailed communication" recorded between Huffman and the scheme leader, including evidence of bribery. The evidences "speaks to the dishonesty" of the actress.

Huffman was ordered not to leave the continental U.S. and she had to surrender her passport.

As we previously reported, FBI agents arrested Huffman at gunpoint on Tuesday, March 12, as she was allegedly involved in a nationwide college admissions scandal.

Her next court appearance is set for March 29 at the federal court in Boston.

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