Fast N’ Loud's Aaron Kaufman rumored to be gay as he isn't married and has no girlfriend

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You already know who Aaron Kaufman is if Discovery channel falls on the list of your favorite channels. Well, if it’s not then let me remind you the bearded guy from Fast N’ Loud. You must have wondered from the beginning if Aaron Kaufman is gay.

It is obvious for you to think that way because the media has not left him and his co-host Richard Rawling alone. Time and again we hear news about these two men being gay but let me clear your doubts here that Aaron Kaufman is not gay.

picture: Aaron Kaufman

Further, in this section, we are going to talk all about his sexual orientation, relationship stature, and his past affair.


Aaron is a very good looking and smart man with a perfectly shaped body. He is the dream man of many men and women around the world but when we said he is not a gay, we have a reason behind it. Aaron had a girlfriend in the past: Lindsay J.

picture: Aaron Kaufman with his girlfriend Lindsay J.

They dated for almost three-and-a-half years. When Aaron rose to fame alongside Richard, she started a blog named “About That Bearded Guy” in which she answered fan’s questions about Aaron.

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Although this couple was crazily in love with one another, they never got married and broke up due to some unknown reason. 


After his breakup with Lindsay, has  Aaron never been seen having an affair with any other lady? Since he is not married, there is no way he has a wife or children. So, is this is the reason behind his fans thinking him as a gay? Or is it because of his on-screen appearance with his co-host Richard Rawlings?

picture: Aaron with his co-host Richard 

As a matter of fact, Aaron has never answered about his sexual preference by himself. Aaron after separating from Lindsey J. is dating gorgeous Lauren Moore Knob.

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The couple lives together in recent days with a dog. They travel a lot and are deeply in love with each other which can be proved by their Instagram account where both of the lovebirds are seen sharing each other's pictures.