Fans shocked!!! Joker Origin Movie was announced to not include Jared Leto as its lead

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So much to talk about on Twitter this Tuesday, as soon as the news from Warner Bros. regarding Joker movie came out; fans raised against the whole idea of a standalone Joker movie. The coolest Villien of all time which is used getting the best out of Batman would now have a back story but the idea was heavily disliked by fans.

Wanna know what else was disliked about the forth coming WB movie? Well, be ready to know that Oscar-winning actor who represented Joker in Suicide Squad, Jared Leto will not be seen on the big screens for WB's  version of Joker.

After Heath Ledger died, the possibility of representing Joker on screen with the same intensity fibbed but Leto despite having a very short role is Suicide Squad made it possible. But now fans who were desperately waiting for Suicide Squad 2 along with some other  Batman-Butt kicking-Joker movie never wanted a Joker to have a standalone story of his origin as the Joker is best liked for being mysterious.

If we believe the reports, The movie will be directed by "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips and is reportedly co-writing. The production part as per reports from TMZ will be handed to Martin Scorsese. Though the movie will have a Joker's back story, it is in no connection with Leto's version of DC's Joker.

The action packed "Crime film based in early 80's will exclude the Thirty Seconds to Mars lead, who is expecting his appearance in"Suicide Squad 2 along with Gotham City Sirens. 

Here are some social erupt from fans which show the level of dissatisfaction among Joker lovers:

Another one from a Comic lover fans to the makers:

The third one just broke all the bars and moved a little forward with a question: 

 Regardless what fans think the movie has reportedly been given a green signal and we hope the movie will live up to every fan's expectation.