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Home Gossip Famous Korean actor Choi Min single or dating? Know about his relationship and marriage rumors

Famous Korean actor Choi Min single or dating? Know about his relationship and marriage rumors

Dilip Adhikari Fri Feb, 2017
Famous Korean actor Choi Min single or dating? Know about his relationship and marriage rumors

The 25 years old, Minho, Son of a well-known soccer coach is a South Korean singer, actor, and presenter born in Incheon, South Korea. As he was coaching Daejeon Citizen in the past, Choi Minho also has very good reflexes. But Minho is now the main rapper of Shinee and he has also worked as a model with his height advantage.

His modeling career started at the age of 16. For that, Minho was chosen as the youngest model for the fashion show which was produced by the famous designer, André Kim.

Know about Choi Min's love affair with Lui and his previous dating rumors. Stay with us.

Is Choi Min and Lui in relationships?

Choi's relationship rumors about his girlfriend Liu is still active and alive in the entertainment industry as the couple was encouraged by the people to date each other since they were once paired in a reality TV show.

Choi Min and Lui

Choi Min and Lui

Source: Pintrest

They support each other in different ways, as they are good friends and Lui attends Choi's concerts to cheer him up. Liu and Choi's sister are a very close friend and there is no any connection between Lui and Choi besides this. This relationship between Choi's sister and Lui hints us that Choi and Lui are dating.


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In an interview, Lui dropped a hint about their marriage as she said Choi will buy dinner for everyone. So does it mean that they are giving a wedding reception dinner? Maybe and maybe not. Even though Lui's Agency says that Liu is single, but people believe there is something between Choi and Lui.

What is between Choi Min and Sulli?

Choi knows Sulli from his school days and also from work as she is working for the same company where Choi works. According to Choi Min, Sulli is like a little sister to him.

The two are playing together in a movie as well. Sulli is playing a character who likes Choi and Choi is playing the character of a man who does not like her but starts to open up to her. The reason they are seeing each other every day is because they are together for a role and Choi confesses that he has some romantic feeling like that of the character Choi is playing.

Choi Min and Sulli

Choi Min and Sulli

Source: We Heart It

Along with that, as the character of Choi is cold and harsh, sometimes in real life too he portrays the same action. Due to this, Sulli has been hurt many times, however, Choi has apologized for that many times.

Choi also mentioned that he and Sulli are having fun on the shoot. For this role, Choi has done a lot of homework and has worked very hard for the role. This is also his first big role so, he is giving much more time to this and has given his 100% for which the producer has also mentioned him as very helpful and inspirational to the team.

Choi Min ex-girlfriend Yuri

Minho and Yuri (a member of Girls Generation) were said dating each other and as a proof, their picture having dinner together was also taken by Paparazzi. Not just that Choi and Yuri were also seen with matching accessories on the SNS site.

Choi and Yuri
Minho and Yuri

Source: Fan Pop

Here's the video of the couple together.

Furthermore, Choi and Yuri are seen talking to each other when they perform in any music program or concerts but in contrast to that, they both deny of their relationships.

The past is the past and the future is yet to come and we are living in present. So, what's important? Right now Choi Min is dating Lui so, we hope he gives all the effort to maintain this relationship. All the best!