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Home Gossip Famous For Relationship With Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky's Net worth in 2018, Her Career & Salary

Famous For Relationship With Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky's Net worth in 2018, Her Career & Salary

Sabina Gartaula Thu Feb, 2018
Famous For Relationship With Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky's Net worth in 2018, Her Career & Salary

Monica Samille Lewinsky, a.k.a. Monica Lewinsky, is an American born TV personality, activist, and fashion designer. She rose to fame after former president Bill Clinton shared that she had an 'inappropriate relationship' with her while she worked as an intern at the White House from 1995 to 1996. The claim shook the world, and to date, it is recognized as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

After the scandal, she became an international celebrity and got involved in the fashion industry selling line of handbags under her name.  Born on 23rd July 1973, the 44-year-old has written her gossip-biography called The Private Lives of the Three Tenors. Monica has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky

Source: Fox News

Here, we are going to share some information about the TV personality's net worth, salary, career, and awards. 

Monica Lewinsky net worth and salary

Monica Lewinsky has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The exact details about her monthly and annual salary are not available. But back when she was having an affair with Bill Clinton, Forbes claimed that she was paid $12 million for sharing the steamy details about her relationship with the former president.

In 1999, a couple of months after the Clinton-Lewinsky saga erupted, Monica reportedly rented an expensive apartment in a building where one-bedrooms could rent for as high as $4,000 a month. Ms. Lewinsky's apartment was an 1899 10-story renovated brick building with cathedral ceilings, a roof garden and arched windows.   

Monica's book written by Andrew Morton 'Monica's Story

Monica's book written by Andrew Morton 'Monica's Story

Source: CNN

Moreover, she also made $500,000 through her self-titled book, Monica's Story, written by Andrew Morton. She also made a staggering $1 million from international rights, Walters interview, and many other sources.

In early 2000's, she also signed a million-dollar contract with Jenny Craig. She appeared on TV and poster ads for the weight management and nutrition company. But by the end, she was only paid $30,000 off the million dollars contract because the company stopped showing her ads. 

Monica Lewinsky career and awards

Monica Lewinsky started her career out by working as an unpaid intern at the White House Office in July of 1995. By the end of the year, she was promoted to a paid position. 

Soon after the scandal with then US President Bill Clinton surfaced, she claimed that she had an intercourse with him seven times in 2 years, including when Bill's wife Hillary Clinton was in the property. 

Bill Clinton's Birthday wish to Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton's Birthday gift card to Monica Lewinsky

Source: Daily Mail

She became a sensation after the incident, and initially gained a lot of attention as companies wanted details about her and Clinton's relationship. She wrote her biography, appeared on numerous TV shows and ventured into different business options. 

But eventually was hated which resulted in her disappearing from the public eye.  

Sources claim that she joined college and received a Master's degree in Social Psychology that not only helped her in working against cyber-bullying but also to get away from the hectic life she was living. 

Watch an interview with Monica.

Nonetheless, she is currently serving as an activist against cyber-bullying as she has had first-hand experience with it and is aware of the consequences. 

Talking about awards, she has not won any notable award to date.