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Home Gossip Famous blogger India Westbrooks shares secrets in an interview: Know her Affairs and Net Worth

Famous blogger India Westbrooks shares secrets in an interview: Know her Affairs and Net Worth

Richa Sun Apr, 2016
Famous blogger India Westbrooks shares secrets in an interview: Know her Affairs and Net Worth

India Westbrooks, an American blogger-turned-TV star often updates about her professional and personal life on her social media. The 22-year-old The Westbrooks actress along with her 4 sisters is also famed for her Tumblr blogging.

India Westbrooks shared about her personal opinions in her interview back in 2015 and even tagged herself as single. However, these days she is enjoying her relationship with her boyfriend Jonnu Smith but is not married. Want to more secrets of Westbrook's affairs, career, and net worth? Stick tight.

India Westbrooks' Secret Revealing Interview

In her Interview with XXL in 2015, India Westbrooks talked about her interest and her open opinions and feelings. Famed for her appearance in reality series The Westbrooks since 2015 alongside her 4 sisters: Brook, Morgan, Bree, and Crystal, India Westbrooks was not comfortable at first.

She told:

When the first episode came out, everybody was on the whole Game thing. It was very embarrassing and I don’t do well with embarrassment.  It’s very hard for me to deal with something like that, especially in the public eye where they’re seeing exactly what I went through. In all actuality, I never wanted the reality show.

However, by the time passed India got used to the show, doubling the benefit with an impressive salary and net worth. Later, she shared her experience as:

I'm using my platform on this television show to tell my story so I can be looked at in a positive light. I'm actually happy with what God blessed me with, this image that I have. And I love to flaunt it. I think it's a blessing.
CAPTION: India Westbrooks SOURCE: Pinterest

Well, India Westbrook even shared some of her failed affairs story in the show. Well, even more, The Westbrooks are tagged as the Black Kardashians, literally comparing with Keeping Up with Kardashian stars like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner.

However, India Westbrooks admits that she never liked the tag and even described their show different from other reality TV family shows. She said:

What separates us is our unity. You can use the Kardashians as an example because they’re the only similar example that people choose to compare us to. But their family is broken if you ask me. Not to bash them or throw shade. Yes, they are a family, but our family is all built on from love, it’s all built on from unity.

We wish the family is united as ever and wish them best for further.

India Westbrooks: Career and Net Worth

Internet blogger and TV actress India Westbrooks' popularity is soaring day by day. Currently, she shares one of her big secrets in the media which is taking a good feedback from her fans and also subsequently adding up her net worth.

Initially, India Westbrooks started her career as a blogger in 2011 after she created her first Tumblr. Soon she became famed and even more established herself as an Instagram model for several clothing lines.

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Then in 2015, her career got a boost after she appeared in the reality TV series The Westbrooks with her 4 sisters. The show soon got hits establishing India as a popular TV personality.

India's work in The Game also got appreciated which is the reason for her to increase the popularity all across

As of 2018, it is estimated that India Westbrooks earns the salary of bundles of dollars and her current net worth is assumed to be $1.3 million.

India Westbrooks' Affairs: Boyfriends and Marriage Plans?

Even though, after her break up with  Rich The Kid (2017-2018) India Westbrooks claimed her self as single, the tag didn't remain long. India Westbrooks is currently reported to be dating her boyfriend Jonnu Smith, an American football tight end for the Tennessee Titans in NFL. 

The couple's relationship reportedly began in April 2018. Though as far, they are not engaged and no plans for their marriage has appeared.

CAPTION: India Westbrooks and her boyfriend Jonnu Smith SOURCE: Hollywood Mask

We hope India Westbrooks relationship lives on to marriage this time as she previously has dumped many boyfriends. Let's know.

Past Affairs of Westbrooks

Well, Westbrooks has explained that she never got attracted to any boys in her college days and also neither she got any proposal from her mates. But it was later on her professional career journey where she got to experience many relationships; sadly all affairs turned a failure.

As reported, India Westbrooks dated Lil Yachty (2017)Rick Ross (2016 - 2017), Cliff Dixon (2016)Game (2014 - 2017)Justin Combs (2014 - 2015)Brandon Wimberly (2014) and Ron Robinson (2010 - 2014).

CAPTION: India Westbrooks and ex-boyfriend Ron Robinson SOURCE: Pinterest

Also, Westbrooks is rumored to have a relationship with rapper Drake (2016), but the strong proof never showed up. 

Amid of numerous past affairs, India Westbrooks never got married to anyone.

Currently, she is enjoying with her boyfriend Jonnu Smith and we wish them best for further. Probably she will share some lovely photos of herself and Smith in her social media like Instagram and Twitter soon.

Stay tuned.