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Home Gossip American Actor Clint Eastwood Life, Struggles & Limelight: His Success Compared To His Net Worth

American Actor Clint Eastwood Life, Struggles & Limelight: His Success Compared To His Net Worth

Bibs Thu May, 2018
American Actor Clint Eastwood Life, Struggles & Limelight: His Success Compared To His Net Worth

Clint Eastwood is an American actor, filmmaker, musician, and political figure, who became famous worldwide thanks to two of his roles: the Man with No Name in the Dollars trilogy and Harry Callahan, the antihero cop in the Dirty Harry movie series. Eastwood, who has prevailed in Hollywood for decades, is hailed as a cultural symbol of masculinity.

In all his years in acting, he has garnered the appreciation of many people and has accumulated a lot of wealth. We are here to give you an approximation of what he amounts to.

Clint Eastwood in the 1900s: Struggle to the Limelight

Clint was discovered by an enterprising assistant of Universal Film Company while a shoot at Fort Ord. The assistant asked him to meet the director. This key figure was named Chuck Hill who managed to sneak him into Universal Studio where he was acquainted with the cameraman Irving Glassberg.

Soon he got an audition which he unfortunately failed. He was suggested to take drama classes and then arranged for an initial contract of $100 a week.

CAPTION: A Young Clint Eastwood
SOURCE: Best Movies By Farr

The struggling young man failed a lot of audition initially. After a while, he got a minor role in Revenge of the Creature. After three weeks of working hard, he got a role as Jonesy in the movie Francis in the Navy.

He also appeared in the movie Never Say Goodbye and Star in the Dust. Universal presented him with his first TV role in NBC's Allen in Movieland. In 1958, he appeared in the CBS series Rawhide

Eastwood's Thriving Career

Richard Harrison, an American writer, and producer, suggested Sergio Leone that Clint would be a great pick for the movie A Fistful of Dollars. Eastwood signed a contract of $15 thousand in wages and a bonus of a Mercedes-Benz upon completion.  He also appeared in the movie Le Strenghe. Later, he got roles in many movies.

CAPTION: Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars
SOURCE: Irish Times

Now a star, Clint Eastwood got a role in the movie Hang 'Em High. Before the release of this movie, he was already working on Coogan's Bluff. Eastwood also starred in the war movie Where Eagles Dare.

In the 1960 Batman TV Series, Clint Eastwood was cast as Two-Face. The 70s got him a lot of roles that included Two Mules for Sister Sara, Kelly's Heroes, The Beguiled, Play Misty for Me and many more. 

CAPTION: Clint in Two Mules for Sister Sara
SOURCE: The Telegraph

As time passed on, Clintwood got involved in directing and producing movies. He directed the movie Space Cowboys. However, he still appeared in movies like Blood Work. Eastwood scored and directed the Crime Drama Mystic River.

He directed, scored, and co-produced the movie, Million Dollar Baby. In the 2010s, he directed American Sniper and Jersey Boys. Along with these, he directed Sully and The 15:17 to Paris

His Net Worth

Clint's movie The Enforcer earned $100 million worldwide making it Eastwood's highest grossing movie. In 2017, he put his Pebble Beach home, a Spanish-styled mansion up for sale with an asking price of $9.75 million.

It is reported that he also owns a house in Idaho. He drives a GMC Typhoon and Ferrari 365 GTB 4. His several movies have blown up in terms of money which means he has been paid quite handsomely.

CAPTION: Clint Eastwood's Former Home
SOURCE: Zimbio

His current net worth stands at $375 million. Moreover, he is sure to make millions more in the near future.