Even at age 66, Sandie Rinaldo unable to forget former husband Michael Rinaldo as she stays single

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Sandie Rinaldo is one of the famous TV journalists from Canada. Multitalented, Sandie is already in her mid-sixties but still she manages to look younger than any 30-year-old woman. Formerly, she was married to Michael Rinaldo but currently, her relationship status is single. Yes, she is not dating anyone and there is a deep reason behind it. Today, we will reveal her secrets.

Image: Forever young Sandie Rinaldo



Sandie married Michael in 1945. This couple was very devoted towards one another. They were supportive and very loving. They had three lovely children together. But their happiness got covered by darkness later. In 2005, a very tragic thing happened in Sandie’s life. Her husband died after a long battle with cancer. This incident has had deep impacts on her life. Since she lost her husband to cancer, we can say that she is not a divorced woman.



Image: Sandie Rinaldo then and now

The reason behind Sandie's immense youthful look is that she had plastic surgery including a few facelift surgeries in the past to look more beautiful and young. But, after her separation from Michael, Sandie has not dated anyone. She is not seen with any boyfriend or seen having an affair. It seems like Sandie is still devoted towards her late husband and has not been able to come out of the grief. 




Image: Sandie Rinaldo on her sets

Michael and Sandie met in school and they got married later. They worked very hard during their life together. Sandie used to work in the mornings and her husband used to work in the evenings. She remembers her husband as she says, “What a comfort it was to be able to walk out the door and know that your children are being looked after by someone who adores them”. When Sandie is asked about her husband she agrees that she owes so much of her life to him. She says, “I could not have done what I did without Michael,". 

According to Sandie, Michael was not only her husband but he also was her best friend. What's more blessing than finding a best friend in your man? We’re deeply sorry for what happened in Sandie’s life but we hope she moves on from the grief and starts a new chapter in her life.