Eugenie Devane and Husband William Devane had 2 Children but lost one Son in an Accident

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Eugenie Devane and William Devane are the 'ultimate couple' of the industry. 57 years of togetherness of this couple is an exemplary example of what can be achieved in a relationship if the people involved are willing to work on it, and Devane couple must have done serious working in their marriage because they have gone through pretty nasty phases in their married life.

This couple was blessed with two children after their marriage. But unfortunately, their elder son died in an accident.

The elder son of Devane couple died in an accident

In the near-perfect marriage of Eugenie and William, their two children played an important part. But tragedy struck this family early on. The Devane family was hit hard when the news arrived that their elder son met a serious accident. No one was ready for this shock, and till today, the family mourns over their beloved lost one.

Apart from the fact that the Devane couple suffered the loss of their son, nothing else has been disclosed. No more details regarding the incident have been released by any of the Devane family members.

The couple has another son.

Joshua Devane is the only remaining son of Eugenie and William. Like his father, Joshua also chose his career to be in the mighty Hollywood. He has been known for his roles in 18 Again! (1998), Blind Witness (1989), and Timestalkers (1987).

Joshua might have entered the industry relatively easily with his father's name and goodwill, but there is no doubt that the way forward was paved by Joshua's talent and skill. But unlike his father, Joshua is not as active in the entertainment industry as of 2016.

Eugenie and William married in 1961

Before becoming husband and wife, Eugenie and William were college sweethearts. William proposed Eugenie right after their graduation and the duo got married in 1961.

Since then, although they have been through trying times, they have managed to keep hold of their relationship. For more than five and a half decade, they have not even been touched by any kind of divorce rumors.

William and Eugenie Devane tied the knot in 1961

Image: William and Eugenie Devane tied the knot in 1961

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William has been active in the industry since his debut as a revolutionary in the independently produced movie In the Country (1967).  

Image: William Devane

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William Devane is mostly known for his roles in the primetime soap opera Knots Landing (1983-1993) as Greg Sumner and as James Heller on the serial drama 24 (2005–2007, 2014).

Quick facts about William Devane and Eugenie Devane:

When did William Devane and Eugenie Devane get married?

William Devane and Eugenie Devane got married in 1961.

How many kids did William Devane and Eugenie Devane have?

William Devane and Eugenie Devane had 2 sons.

Who is William Devane and Eugenie Devane's surviving son?

William Devane and Eugenie Devane's son's name is Joshua Devane.