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An Essay About Khabib Nurmagomedov- The Avarian Boxer

Navin shah Tue Dec, 2018
An Essay About Khabib Nurmagomedov- The Avarian Boxer

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In this time of internet connections and other electronic media, everyone is aware of the news around them. Many people like and love to watch boxing. They do also follow different athletes according to their point of view. Many people make their idols different player, public personalities, actors. While some make boxers as their idols, when it comes to boxing, many boxers have earned a good name in their fields.

The early life of Khabib:-

One of the best players who has earned a lot of name in this field is Khabib Nurmagomedov.  He has won many top-notch fights with the best opponent boxers. It is his hard work that has led him to earn that much good name.  First of all, we will discuss the early life of Khabib.  He was born on 20th September in a city of Russia. He belonged to Northeast Caucasian ethnic group known as Avari. His father was a coach who trained others at the gym. It urged him to enter in this field. He was inspired by this and started training at a very small age.  So he started getting training from his father and worked hard with passion. It was his this much hard work which let him earn this much name in boxing.

He started training wrestling when he was only 12 years old. Continuous training made his body fit for this field. He had made a lot of stamina until this time and his passion for boxing increased day by day. After three years, he entered into judo. He continued same passion and hard work. He sacrificed his day and nights to fulfill his dreams. When he reached at the age of 17, he entered into combat sambo. He started training under his father. He learned the best techniques to fight and made his mind to enter into professional fighting.  He continued to work hard and did training daily.

Khabib’s entrance into Professional fighting:-

In 2008, he entered into professional fighting and made his debut in MMA as a professional fighter. Within a month, he won four fights and earned a lot of fame. He was the youngest fighter to earn this much good name in too short time. At the end of 2008, he won three fights and became the champion of Atrium cup tournament.  Three years later, he went for the UFC. He signed for the lightweight championship in UFC and won six fights. It was the time when he had held a strong position in his field. His name started becoming famous among the people.

All his hard work started to pay him off.  This boosted his confidence and urged him to work more hard to become the best fighter on an international level. His training became tougher, but he never stopped. He went through a hard time. It was his self-confidence, which let him make a professional fighter.

Adversities faced by Khabib:-

However, he also faced many hardships in all this time. In 2013 while during a fight at UFC, he was overweight. For the fight, it was necessary to meet the weight limit as per the rule. It was a crucial time for him. He was allowed to cut his weight up until the weight limits in two hours only.  Later he was selected and won the fight with 21 successful takedowns and set a new UFC record by doing this. During his fifth UFC fight, he faced a fighter named as Pat Healy. Upon unanimous decision, he won the fight and gained a lot of name in this fight. By this, the UFC president praised him a lot and expected him to earn a good name in his field.

 Some months later Khabib challenged another fighter on the social media and expected to fight with him in UFC fight. But due to some reasons that fight could not happen and then a new opponent was placed who was supposed to fight with Khabib in that match. But again the match was canceled and this hurt him a lot. He was sad about it and expressed his disappointment in a press conference.

Khabib then set a fight with Donald Cerrone in a UFC match. But unfortunately, the match was canceled when Khabib had faced a knee injury. After this, the match was rescheduled sometime later. But this time again his fate had thought something else. He again got a knee injury, and the match was again canceled.  Then he was replaced with another fighter who fought in that match in place of him. This was not the last time when he got unlucky. Again, in the next match in which he was supposed to be fighting with Tony Ferguson, he again faced an injury due to which the match got canceled. It hurt him a lot, and he became really sad. But this was not the time to get saddened when he had to earn a lot of name in this field.

Then after the injury, he signed two contracts with the best UFC fighter who was the lightweight champion of UFC. But the opponent steps back from the fight against Khabib. This hurt him a lot and forced him to speak about this issue. He then raised voice on social media and called his opponent a bullshit champ. He also called the UFC a freak show as it keeps canceling the fights. It was really bad for him to keep training for the fight and when the time came, the fight was canceled. This cancellation of the fight can be unpleasant for every fighter who was trying hard to gain a good name in his field.

After some time he fixed a match with Michael Johnson by the UFC. In the fight, he lost the first round. It was really important for him to win the next round to win the game. Then he fought with all his strength and applied all of his techniques and tactics, which he had trained for so long. This made him win the game by getting a submission in the third round.

Khabib then faced another fighter named Edson Barboza in a UFC match on 30th December 2017. Khabib won the fight by dominating in all the rounds of the fight. So by unanimous decision, he won the fight and earned his first bonus in all of his career.

Khabib - The UFC Lightweight champion:-

2018 proved to be the luckiest year for Khabib. He gained a lot of fame in the world best fights, which occurred in this year. First, he won the UFC Lightweight Championship by fighting against Ferguson. It was the fourth time for which the match was rescheduled.  In past, the flights were canceled, and the match never happened. This time the match was rescheduled, but the same thing happened. Ferguson faced a knee injury, and the fight was canceled.

UFC replaced Ferguson with another fighter. But the same thing happened. The fight got canceled when Holloway got declared unfit for the fight due to his extreme weight cutting. Holloway then got replaced with Al Laquinta. On the other side, only Khabib was eligible to fight for the Lightweight Championship. Therefore,Laquinta and Khabib entered the ring to fight for that championship. Khabib controlled Laquinta from the start of the fight, and this made him dominate all the rounds and win the fight. So after a long time waiting at last Khabib won the Lightweight championship and gained more fame in his field.

Khabib and McGregor fought the latest fight which got famous in whole the world. This time Khabib was to defend his lightweight championship. This fight was really important for him to stay as the UFC Lightweight champion. It was a tough fight. When the event started, Khabib defended all the attacks by McGregor in a very good manner. He won the fight by defeating McGregor in the fourth round of the fight. This event was really special for him. He remained as the UFC Lightweight Champion and all his dreams to become the professional fighter got fulfilled. It is only the hard work that dominates you from all others, and it pays you in a really good manner.