ESPN sportscaster Nicole Briscoe married Ryan Briscoe. Know about her baby.

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Nicole Briscoe from being the beauty pageant holder to a journalist has reached the pinnacle of her life as a sportscaster. Currently employed at ESPN, Nicole is living a happy married life with her husband Ryan Briscoe.

Additional to having a prolific professional career she is also enjoying a happy married life. The family of Nicole Briscoe and Ryan Briscoe has become more cheerful when they welcomed their baby into this world.

Today find about Nicole and Ryan married life and their children here in Frostsnow.

Happily married husband and wife: Ryan Briscoe and Nicole Briscoe

Happily married husband and wife: Ryan Briscoe and Nicole Briscoe

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If you are wondering what beauty pageant title Nicole Briscoe holds, she has crowned Miss Illinois Teen USA in the year 1998.  Later she also reached the semi-final round in Miss Teen USA and was at the third spot out of ten participants; this was one of her major competition. She is currently working for ESPN as a sportscaster.

Is Nicole Briscoe pregnant? Love Affair And Married Life of Nicole Briscoe and Ryan Briscoe:  Already Parents of A Daughter

Nicole Briscoe married Ryan Briscoe in the year 2009. Husband Ryan Briscoe is an IndyCar Series driver. This couple did a grand wedding ceremony as they exchanged their precious marriage vows in an outdoor ceremony in Hawaii.

Nicole and Ryan had a longtime affair before getting married. This couple was in a relationship with each other for four years and then they finally got their wedding done.

Then boyfriend and girlfriend: Ryan Briscoe and Nicole Briscoe

Then boyfriend and girlfriend: Ryan Briscoe and Nicole Briscoe

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Husband Ryan Briscoe being a professional IndyCar Series driver has won a much big title. He won the titles Italian Formula Renault in 2001 and Formula Three Euroseries. Nicole and Ryan met on Indianapolis auto racing where Nicole was woman-on-work reporting on auto racing. Ryan was one of the participants there.

Both Nicole and Ryan are very much encouraging when it comes to working. Nicole once said in an interview that as Ryan loves his job and he sometimes gets stressed as there can be lots of things going on.

As a family, she is always there for him and even Ryan too is constantly there for her. It is a part of a family responsibility to love what the other member love and to embrace it.

Their love for each other became more intense when they had their first child. This lovely couple has a beautiful and pretty baby girl whom they named Finely Briscoe. Daughter Finely was born in December 2013. There came good news of Nicole that she is having a baby again. Nicole was pregnant for the second time and welcomed their second baby girl in September of 2016.


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Nicole Briscoe and Ryan Briscoe are definitely a great mum and dad. Nicole is very responsible for her family and her children. Despite her busy and hectic schedule, she is taking good care of her children and her husband too.

The American journalist, 37, also keeps her fans and followers updated about her personal life via her social networking sites. Recently, on November 5, she shared some moments back form Halloween, via her Instagram with the caption,

"Happy Halloween!" along with an emoji of love.


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So cute!!