ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak pregnant again as she and her husband Craig Melvin expect a second child

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39-year-old ESPN sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak is pregnant again which means Lindsay and husband Craig are ready to welcome their second children. The news was announced on Sportscenter before game 6 of the NBA finals in 2016, while John Bucci, John Anderson, and Lindsay were on the air together. 

When she became pregnant the first time, she didn't announce on-air as she did this time, however, Czarniak and her husband wrote something on Facebook that helped their friends and family know about it. The most amazing facts during her first pregnancy were shared by strong ESPN broadcaster with ESPN Front Row.

She married Craig Melvinan American Journalist, news anchor, and correspondent, in October 2011. Both enthusiastic husband and wife are engaged in Broadcast media. Both of them have posted a lot of photos on social media with their son, and they look like a complete happy family. ESPN broadcaster had her first pregnancy in 2014 and gave a birth to a cute baby boy name Delano Joseph. And now both of them are ready to welcome their second children in a happy family.

Sports Broadcaster Lindsay has joined ESPN broadcast media in 2011 and is still working with ESPN. During her first pregnancy, she was quite nervous about outfits. So she just shared her nervousness with one of the fashion consultants.

According to ESPN Front Row, about Lindsay, it is not comfortable to face on-air during program rather than during a regular time, she said. Therefore, director Vic Deloureiro helped a lot to make her comfortable on work. Likewise, her co-worker helped her and took good care of her. Even her husband Craig Melvin took good care of her. So, let's hope that Lindsay and Craig never ever will suffer from a divorce.

Lindsay Czarniak was born on 7 November 1977 in Pennsylvania. She completed her high school from Centreville High School and graduated in online journalism from James Madison University in 2000. Lindsay’s father Chet Czarniak worked in a local newspaper in the sports department, so she got pretty much familiar with sports at her early age.

While she was studying in high school, she played Lacrosse and Field hockey. She started her career as an intern at WUSA in Washington at that time she was studying at a University. As a production assistant, she joined CNN. She worked in other media such as WAWS in Jacksonville, Florida, WTEV-Tv, WTVJ, Speed Channel, and NBC4.