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Home Gossip ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung not married but wants a boyfriend who enjoys watching sports

ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung not married but wants a boyfriend who enjoys watching sports

Ashmita Karki Wed Aug, 2016
ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung not married but wants a boyfriend who enjoys watching sports

ESPN’s gorgeous Kaylee Hartung is the reporter of the show ‘SEC Nation’. If you are an admirer of Kaylee, there’s an awesome news for you. Despite being so beautiful and talented, Kaylee is currently single.

Previously, Hartung has had a failed relationship in the past but now she is open to a relationship. We did not say this out of the blue; Kaylee has actually expressed it herself. However, she has now mentioned the qualities she wants for her future husband/boyfriend?

What should Kaylee Hartung' dream guy be like?

Kaylee Hartung’s major interest is the sports. Hence, she wants her new man to enjoy sports as much as she does. She said, “Someone who enjoys watching sports and talking about sports”. This clearly means that she is looking for a guy who is less chocolaty-guy but more athletic and sporty person.

image: Kaylee Hartung

Among her criteria list, good looks also take a major place. According to her, he should be really attractive and charming. Even dress up matters to her. According to Hartung, “she is attracted to men who adorn the classic look – not someone who is dressed in polo’s and khaki’s, but someone who is put together like a gentleman”.

image: Charming Kaylee

Thus, we see it is not so tough to impress Kaylee. All you need to do is be interested in sports, be good-looking and not dress up shabbily but like a gentleman. But we seriously suggest not approaching her if you do not have any date plans. 

Kaylee Hartung' ideal date idea

When Hartung was asked about her ideal date plan, she said that she likes places that are quiet and serene. For her, it’s not important to go to fancy restaurants. She would rather want to be taken to a hill or a lake where the couples can talk without being disturbed.

Is Kaylee Hartung Married?

32-year-old Kaylee Hartung is still unmarried. Despite thousands of marriage proposals from her fans and followers, Hartung is still single and is waiting for the right guy to arrive in her life.

Thus, we can say that she is not a divorced woman and doesn’t have any children. Hartung’s busy professional life can be the major reason behind her being single. She currently lives in Austin.

image: Kaylee Hartung and Tim Tebow

Once she was rumored to be dating American Football Quarterback Tim Tebow. People assumed this to be real by observing Tebow and Kaylee’s closeness after Tebow’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend, former miss universe Olivia Culpo.

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Similarly, Tebow even matched the criteria of Hartung’s desired boyfriend but sadly this was not to be. Hartung later came out to clear the rumors and said that Tebow is like a brother to her.

We hope Hartung finds her dream guy, who may ultimately become her husband really soon. We will be very happy if she gets serious and starts thinking about getting married and having kids.