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Home Gossip ESPN News Anchor Elle Duncan is married. Explore her previous dating rumours

ESPN News Anchor Elle Duncan is married. Explore her previous dating rumours

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
ESPN News Anchor Elle Duncan is married. Explore her previous dating rumours

Elle Duncan is a very familiar name and face if you are a sports fan. She has been working for ESPN as a sports news anchor for several months. We know many fans have a huge crush on her as she is a very beautiful and gorgeous lady. Many of her followers want to know about her personal life but it missing on the internet. Like different celebs, she has also kept her family and personal life a secret and has never talked about her affairs, married life or husband.  Yes, we got the information that she is already married.

Elle Duncan initiated her career since 2003 and never backed-up to give best in all of the channels she has worked till now. She first began as an intern in Atlanta with the 2 live Stews which is an American syndicated sports talk radio show on 790/The Zone. And now she has already worked with many of the sports channels in the United States of America.

ESPN Anchor Elle Duncan

Elle Duncan

Let's talk in detail about her married life and relationship. Just stay with us.

Know about ESPN News Anchor Elle Duncan married life and dating rumors

As been said Elle Duncan has always kept her personal life kinda hidden. She is very much reserved when anyone asks her about her husband or children. According to ESPN Frontrow, a few months earlier she and her husband celebrated their wedding in Costa Rica. As mentioned her husband name is Omar Abdul Ali. And they seem to be very much happy with each other.


It has been long since they are married and there is not any rumor about their divorce or separation. In the interview, she also mentioned that she is very fond of singing and moreover sings very well. She cited that she is a star of "Shower Records" where most of her best work is done. She sang some of her favorites songs on her wedding day too. The best skill she got is that she can turn any song into a Disney Musical-ish sound.

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Ellen Duncan was very much passionate about pursuing her career in the media since she was a little child. As Ellen said, "I chose this profession because I'd be waxing poetic to folks at the bar, or the nail shop or in my family about sports anyway. So, instead of debating my 10-year-old cousin about the merits of instant replay for free, I figured, let's see if someone/anyone will pay me to do it instead! Knock on wood so far I've been lucky and they have."

Elle Duncan

Elle Duncan 

Her favorite team is Denver Broncos for which she has run through the streets of New York screaming and air punching, "We won, we won, we're champs again" which is one of the best highlights of her life. Besides things related to her profession, she is also very much interested in reading books. And she suggests people to read the book "There is a River" by Edgar Cayce.