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Home Gossip Errol Barnett of the CNN Inside Africa fame now Works for CBS News: His Net Worth and Career

Errol Barnett of the CNN Inside Africa fame now Works for CBS News: His Net Worth and Career

Sabrina Thapa Tue Feb, 2018
Errol Barnett of the CNN Inside Africa fame now Works for CBS News: His Net Worth and Career

British-born American journalist Errol Barnett is a popular anchor and correspondent. Currently, he anchors for CBS News, based in Washington, D.C. The net worth of the popular anchor has not been revealed yet. However, if sources are to be believed, which we will discuss more, Errol Barnett might be earning an annual income of a couple of hundred thousand dollars and his net worth might be in the million-dollar range.

Barnett started his career in media journalism when he was barely 18 years old. Back then, Barnett was the youngest Channel One News reporter. Before starting his job at CBS, Barnett worked for CNN Newsroom during overnight hours in the U.S.

Barnett also worked for CNN International out of Johannesburg, South Africa. It was from Johannesburg that Barnett started hosting the award-winning CNN cultural affairs program Inside Africa. He is said to have traveled to almost every country in the African continent for the show, including Senegal, Morocco, Ethiopia and Madagascar. The green-eyed correspondent is engaged to Ariana Shordy who is also known as Reece. The engagement took place in June 2015.

Net worth of Errol Barnett

As already mentioned the exact figures of Errol's net worth is not known. The amount of his net worth depends on the sources of his income and the worth of properties owned by him.

According to Glassdoor, the salary of a journalist at CNN ranges from $67,372 to $96,007. Since Errol is one of the former journalists of CNN his salary during that time must be in similar range or it could be higher.

His salary from his current workplace, CBS News, has also not been made public as well. A typical CBS anchor/reporter reportedly earns a salary of around $131,572. However, the annual salary can go into millions of dollars. CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, for example, draws an annual salary of $5 million. Since Errol Barnett is a well-established name in journalism, we can say for sure that his annual salary is the range of a couple of hundred thousand dollars while his net worth could be in the range of a million dollars or so. .

Career and Awards of Errol Barnett

As we have already said, Channel One News hired Barnett as a reporter when he was just 18. At the channel, he worked alongside journalists like Maria Menounos, Seth Doane, and Gotham Chopra.

The anchor, even in his teens, had produced a television series that highlighted the heroin abuse in American suburbs. For his admirable contributions to the series, Teen People magazine enlisted him in "20 Teens Who Will Change The World". 

Soon after Barnett's graduation from the University of California, Los Angeles, he was hired by CNN International in July 2008.

At CNN, Errol Barnett initially anchored World Report and iReport. During his stay at the news channel, Barnett covered the Ferguson, Missouri protests, the death of Robin Williams and the search for MH370. Additionally, he also did coverage of the death of President Nelson Mandela and the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

From June 2016, Barnett started working for CBS News as a correspondent. He appeared on CBS This Morning, the CBS Evening News and on the digital network CBSN.

Watch Eroll Barnett reporting World Headlines on CNN International.

Hope the famous CBS News correspondent soon reveals his net worth and salary.  We also hope that he gets married to his fiance Ariana very soon.