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Home Gossip Erik Kuselias married to Holly Sonders. Find out his married life and affairs

Erik Kuselias married to Holly Sonders. Find out his married life and affairs

Ashmita Karki Wed Jan, 2017
Erik Kuselias married to Holly Sonders. Find out his married life and affairs

Erik Kuselias is a well-known name for in the Television world. The current co-host of Pro Football Talk, Kuselias is married to Holly Sonders. Kuselias and Sonders make up a great pair. They have been married for quite a time now.

Today, we will talk about Kuselias and his relationship with his gorgeous wife, Sonders. Stay with us to find more about this beautiful couple.

Who is Erik Kuselias' wife Holly Sonders?

Kuselias wife Sonders is one of the most beautiful sports analysts. Yes, you read it right. Sonders is a renowned and successful golf analyst who works for Fox Sports’ gold coverage team. You might be amazed to know that Sonders actually played golf before being a reporter.

At Marysville High School, Ohio, Sonders was a four-year all-district golfer and four-year starting point guard. She also won many awards and achievements during her career as a golfer.

Video: Holly Sonders

Source: Youtube

She left golf and became a reporter after her knee surgery. Holly is very strong mentally thus, has overcome her issues. She has proven to us that nothing is impossible.

Erik Kuselias and wife Holly Sonders: Know Their Relationship

Kuselias met Sonders at the Golf Channel, "Morning Drive". They started dating soon after that. Their relationship couldn’t stay hidden for long as they often made public appearances and were spotted flirting with one another. Later in 2012, Kuselias and Sonders announced that they are engaged.

Sonders’ decision of marrying Kuselias was disliked by many, as Kuselias had a very bad reputation in the industry. In fact, he was even suspended by ESPN in the past for sexually harassing and cheating on his ex-wife

Image: Erik Kuselias and Holly Sonders

Source: Holly Sonders' Twitter

Erik Kuselias was suspected cheating

Even though Kuselias and Sonders are still together, we cannot say that their married life has been stable. Once, Kuselias even hired an investigator because she was suspicious of her husband.

Kuselias suspected that her husband was flirting with an ESPN co-worker. A close source revealed that Sonders said, ‘I would like to fuck you’ to the ESPN employee.

Source: Holly Sonders' Instagram

Erik Kuselias and Holly Sonders' relationship at present

Kuselias and Sonders were split once in the past but, patched up again. Even though they went through some major controversies, they didn’t choose divorce as an option. Rather, both Kuselias and Sonders solved the issue and worked towards their marriage. It seems like the pair shares a very strong bond.

Sonders seems to be an understanding and supportive wife. That might be the ultimate reason behind Kuselias and Sonders strong marital status. Kuselias and Sonders do not have any children yet. There is no rumor of divorce between this pair.

Image: Erik Kuselias and Holly Sonders

Source: NBC

What do you guys think about Erik Kuselias and Holly Sonders marriage? Do you think that they might get divorced sooner or later? Or will the couple continue to be loyal to their pledge? Let's try to find out!

In mid-2017, there were rumors that Kuselias and his gorgeous wife Sonder are not in a good side of each other, the couple was rumored to get divorced. 

eCF even published a video on June 19, 2017, that their divorce rumors are just burying out on the internet. Have a look at the video below,

However, despite the rumors, nothing has been officially confirmed to the date?

Hope the couple gets along with each other for a long way to go.

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