Eric Schneiderman accuser praises Rose McGowan

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Michelle Manning Barish who accused New York Attorney General Eric Shneiderman of sexual assault, while the two were enjoying a romantic relationship, took to Twitter to praise Rose McGowan, saying the American-Italian actress gave her the courage "to speak truth to power and face your predator".

In an article published in The New Yorker on Monday, May 7, Michelle, a political activist, alleged Schneiderman of sexual abuse and physical violence.

On 8 May 2018, around 8:15 am, McGowan took to Twitter, thanking Michelle for "her services and sacrifice."

But the latter tweet showed that the 44-year old actress was the one to encourage Michelle to speak for one's rights.

McGowan was one of the first women to accuse mogul Harvey Weinstein publicly of sexual assault, to which Weinstein claimed as "a bold lie". Her forceful criticisms of Weinstein made her a powerful voice in the #MeToo movement.

While Michelle is one of four women to accuse Schneiderman of physical violence in The New Yorker. She told the magazine,

All of a sudden, he just slapped me, open-handed and with great force, across the face, landing the blow directly onto my ear. It was horrendous. It just came out of nowhere. My ear was ringing. I lost my balance and fell backward onto the bed.

I sprang up, but at this point, there was very little room between the bed and him. I got up to try to shove him back or take a swing, and he pushed me back down. He then used his body weight to hold me down, and he began to choke me. The choking was very hard. It was really bad. I kicked. In every fiber, I felt I was being beaten by a man.

The same day, on May 7, Michelle explained why she chose to speak against the abuse.

Video: New York Attorney General Eric Shneiderman resigns following physical violence allegations

Just hours after the report on Schneiderman's abuse, he resigned as the state's top law enforcement official but said he strongly opposed the allegations.