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Home Gossip Eniko Parrish married Kevin Hart in 2016. Find out the dating rumors and children

Eniko Parrish married Kevin Hart in 2016. Find out the dating rumors and children

Sandip Dangal Fri Jan, 2017
Eniko Parrish married Kevin Hart in 2016. Find out the dating rumors and children

Eniko Parrish is an aspiring model and actress of America who has currently come to fame by her relation and marriage to widely known actor and comedian Kevin Hart. What will be better than this? Getting a husband like Kevin Hart who is very funny, loving, caring. It's absolutely like getting a prince of her dream. Prior to getting married, Eniko was in an affair with her husband Kevin for about 7 years.

So, was Kevin's first wife, Torrei forced to divorce him because of Eniko's relationship with Kevin? or was there any other issues? Want to know? We are here for you. Stay with us.

Eniko Parrish married to boyfriend Kevin Hart

Eniko Parrish, the 32-year-old American actress/model was born in Baltimore, USA. Eniko Parrish was involved in a love affair with the famous American actor and comedian Kevin Hart. She dated Kevin for about 7 years before tying the knot. Her husband Kevin proposed her on her 30th birthday in 2014. 

Later in August 2015, Kevin revealed that he was planning to marry his fiancee on August 8, 2016, and eventually they got married on the same date in 2016.

Eniko Parrish married to Kevin Hart

Caption: Eniko Parrish married to actor Kevin Hart


Eniko Parrish is the second wife of Kevin Hart, who was previously married to an American actress and comedian Torrei Hart and had two children with her namely, daughter Heaven (12) and son Hendrix (9). He got officially divorced with his first wife in 2011, while, before he got divorced with his wife he was already dating Eniko which might be the cause of their divorce.

The happily married couple, Eniko and her husband, Kevin, are going to be parents. In May 2017, they announced that they are expecting their first child, a son.

The reported due date is said to be November 2017. On November 21st the couple welcomed their child, a son, Kenzo. On November 23, Kevin Hart shared their snap with the newest member of the family.  

Congratulations to the couple!! Also, find out about Eniko's ex-marital affairs. 

Eniko Affairs and Other Rumors

Eniko Parrish was never involved in any affair other than with her present husband Kevin Hart and she is not involved in any confirmed extramarital affair either.

Eniko Parrish has been accused of playing the negative role in the married relation of Kevin and Torrei Hart. Torrei Hart has blamed her time to time saying that when Eniko came in contact with Kevin, their sweet relation started souring and finally led them to wash their hands from the relation.

Eniko Parrish Career and net worth in brief

Eniko Parrish is an American actress and model who is in the starting phase of her career. She still hasn't got any big breakthrough. However, she is popular in the entertainment world which is due to her marital relationship with the famous star Kevin Hart. She, at the present date, doesn't bear any remarkable net worth, however, she is a part of Kevin's net worth, as she is a wife of Kevin.

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Eniko Parish and her husband Kevin Hart

Eniko Parish and her husband Kevin Hart

Source: Celebrity Sync

Kevin Hart has worked as a comedian actor in his entire career so, what he has earned is all with his skill in acting and comedy. According to Forbes, he is ranked in the 6th position of the World's Highest-paid Celebrities in 2016 with a net worth of 87.5 Million Dollars and his net worth is estimated around $120 million as of 2017.

We hope this couple gets well together in their relationship and hope they carry their marriage relationship till eternity. What do you think about this couple?

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