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Home Gossip What's John Cleese's Net Worth Throughout His Career? Divorce Settlements With Ex-Wife Alyce Cleese

What's John Cleese's Net Worth Throughout His Career? Divorce Settlements With Ex-Wife Alyce Cleese

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Jul, 2019
What's John Cleese's Net Worth Throughout His Career? Divorce Settlements With Ex-Wife Alyce Cleese

John Cleese is an English actor, comedian, producer, voice artist and writer best known for starring on the BBC sitcom Hold The Sunset alongside Alison Steadman.

The Oscar-nominated actor other notable roles are in Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda. He is a veteran actor and has been in the entertainment industry for more than 5 decades.

John, who has married four times in his life, has earned millions throughout his career but also lost millions in divorce settlements.

His divorce settlements seem to be as expensive as of Harrison Ford or Stephen Spielberg. Let's discuss his net worth throughout both his professional and personal life. Stay tuned. 

John Cleese Net Worth Throughout His Career

As of 2019, John Cleese has an estimated net worth of $10 million which he accumulated over his 5 decades of the acting career, appearing in dozens of movies and television shows. 

CAPTION: English actor-comedian, John Cleese SOURCE: fandom

In addition to his on-screen career, the actor also earns a lot of money from his writings, production ventures, and commercials.

Over the span of his career, John has appeared in more than 50 commercials and endorsed various types of brands and products. From his endorsement works, he has earned thousands of dollars.

John Cleese made his big screen debut with a British drama film Interlude in 1968. He played the role of a television publicist in the movie.

He had made his television debut two years prior to debuting his film. In 1966, he appeared in the satirical television show, The Frost Report, in which he played multiple roles for a year.

He has since appeared in more than 150 ventures, comprising television series shows and films. In 1980, he won a BAFTA Award for the Best Entertainment Performace.

While his growing fame boosted his net worth, his personal life, on the other hand, made him lose millions.

John Cleese Divorce Settlements With Wife Alyce Cleese

John Cleese has been married four times in his life. He was previously married to wives Connie Booth (1968-1978), Barbara Trentham (1981-1990), Alyce Faye Eichelberger (1992-2008).

Among his three unsuccessful marriages, John's divorce settlement with his third wife Alyce Cleese had a big blow on his financial status. His net worth would be more than $10 million if he hadn't wanted to pay his ex-wife Alyce a total of $15.3 million.

He had given $10.2 million cash and the reaming in assets to Alyce, who is a psychotherapist, author and talk radio host by profession.

John and his third wife Alyce tied the knot in 1992 but after six years of their marriage, they got a divorce in 2008. As per divorce settlements, John had to pay.

CAPTION: John Cleese with his third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger SOURCE: Pinterest

The paygrade also included a $2.55 million worth house in Holland Park, West London, a beach house in Santa Barbara, California and a New York apartment.

According to the divorce settlement papers, Ayce would receive $765179.40 for seven years but later the interim payment, due to some reasons, was reduced to nearly one-fourth.

Following the divorce finalization with Alyce, John got married to Jennifer Wade in 2012 and they are still living together without a divorce rumor. 

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