Emmy Award-winning reporter Carl Quintanilla opens up about his wife Judy Chung and his children

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Carl Quintanilla is American journalist who works for CNBC. It won’t be a difficult task for CNBC viewer to recognize Carl who is renowned with his extraordinary performance as a media person since he began his journalism career in 1991.

Carl Quintanilla has worked in several news agencies in different posts. He has also worked as a writer for various newspapers. 

Carl started working for CNBC in 1994 as a correspondent. Later, he was promoted to an anchor of a CNBC show, which was popular for the tough questions asked to celebrities that drew the eyes of viewers in the channel.


Carl, quickly climbing the stairs of success, married to the former producer of the CNBC and MSNBC show, Judy Chung, in 2005. He successfully became the father of twin daughters in 2009. He was so much happy to be the parent for the first time and the happiness twiced when you have twin children.

Carl expressed his joy to TVNewser as “I can only say it’s everything my friends and family have described - times 1000."

Despite the busy schedules, Carl and his wife looked after their children without any complaints. They have given more priority to their children rather than their job. The 45-year-old journalist is carrying out his successful life with his family. Carl is known to have a cheerful personality. He is a nice person whom nobody dislikes.

Although he loves his family, he has kept other aspects of his personal life to himself. Although there are some rumors about Carl getting a divorce with his wife Judy, it has not been made official and is only a hoax. It seems they have a solid love bonding. 

Carl has won million’s heart with his devotion in the work. In his professional career, Carl has won an Emmy Award, an Edward R. Murrow Award and a Peabody Award for his coverage of "Hurricane Katrina" in 2005. His total net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.