Emma Bellomy to Debut In the Strangers: Her Career as a Model, Actress, and her Net Worth

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Emma Thomas Bellomy, a.k.a. Emma Bellomy, is an actress and model based in the United States. She is of Irish, English, Fench, Dutch and German descent. She rose to fame after it was announced that she was one of the leading cast members in 2018 horror film The Strangers: Prey at Night

The actress is still new to the film industry so, very little information is available. There is absolutely no information available about her personal life, and very little professional details are available about the actress. 

Emma Bellomy

Emma Bellomy

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Today, we are going to talk about Emma Bellomy's career as a model and actress and her net worth. 

Emma Bellomy career

Emma started her career out as a model at the age of 13. Standing at 5' 9", she has a slender body and a fantastic face perfect for modeling. Her got her first work as a model when she was asked to model for a local boutique.

One thing led to another, and she eventually modeled for other boutiques and also appeared in magazines and commercials. 

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Emma wanted to be an actress and enrolled herself in studying Broadcast Journalism and Theatre. She is still a new face in the film industry and has not yet made any significant achievements as an actress. 

Her first known work is her appearance in 2017 TV show Smoketown featuring Chelsea BrooksViviana Chavez, and many others. 

Moreover, she rose to stardom after she was announced as one of the leading cast in 2018 horror film The Strangers: Prey at Night along with Gemma WardBailee MadisonChristina Hendricks, and Martin Henderson

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She shook the public after she was announced as one of the three mask men named Dollface in the film.

Emma Bellomy's net worth

As we have already mentioned above, the actress is still new in the film industry, so, not much information about her net worth is available.  Since she has been modeling since the age of 13, her net worth can be estimated to be around hundred thousand dollars. 

Emma Bellomy

Emma Bellomy

Source: IMDb

However, for her work in 2018 horror film, sources claim that she was paid a salary of $150,000. The leading actors in the movie are estimated a pay cheque ranging from $1 million to $300,000.