Elvis Stojko & Gladys Orozco Are Married Since 2010, Are They Happy Together?

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Elvis Stojko is a figure skater based in Canada. He who won two Olympic silver medals back in 1994 and 1998. Elvis has also won other titles back in 1994, 1995 and 1997. He became World champion and became Canadian champion seven times in 1994, 1996 to 200 and 2002. He had a passion for skating from a very young age as he started skating at the age of four winning his first trophy at the age of six. 

Born on 22nd March 1972, the 45-year-old is currently a married man. His wife is gorgeous Gladys Orozco, who is also a Mexican professional figure skater, model, and an actress. 



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Here, we are going to share some information about Elvis Stojko and his wife Gladys Orozco's married life. We will also find out if they have any children. 

Elvis Stojko marital life with wife Gladys Orozco

Elvis started dating his future wife Gladys back in 2009. They dated for more than a year until Elvis popped the question. They got engaged on 16th June of 2010, and they seemed to be in a rush as they got married just four days later on 20th June 2010.



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Their wedding took place in Las Vegas and was lavish. The couple is happily married to date and has been in a marital relationship for almost eight years. 

One their 7th wedding anniversary, Gladys posted their wedding picture on her Instagram and shared some sweet words about how happy she is with her husband. 



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After getting married, the couple initially resided in Ajijic, but later in June of 2014, they moved to Toronto. In Toronto, they live in a 140 acres mansion near Bowmanville. 

The couple has a very healthy relationship as there are no rumors about the couple splitting or getting a divorce which is an excellent news. 

Are Elvis Stojko and Gladys Orozco parents?

Being married for almost eight years and together for nine years, people quickly assume that the couple has children and that they have a big happy family. But it is not the case as they do not have any children to date and are living their life without the hassle of parenthood. 



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However, on Gladys' official website, she has mentioned that she and her husband Elvis own three Blur Heelers, all female and that they treat them nothing less than their children. In a sentence, she shared how much she loves her furry babies. 



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Nonetheless, it would be great to hear about them planning to get pregnant. Both of them have great genes and not having children would just waste the stunning gene. 

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