Elijah Wood Biography

Published On May 24, 2016
Facts of Elijah Wood
Date of Birth: 1981 , January-28
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 feet 5 inch
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He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Notable ones include The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's books of the same name where he portrays the protagonist Frodo Baggins - a hobbit who travels to a mountain named Mount Doom to destroy a ring which grants invisibility when worn. Apart from movies, he starred in TV series Wilfred where he plays Ryan Newman, a guy who sees his neighbor’s dog as a full grown man in a dog costume. Wood has an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

His nationality is American. His net worth is estimated at $18 million dollars.

Elijah Wood facts on timeline

Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

January 28 , 1981

Elijah Wood was born in Iowa, United States to restaurateur Warren Wood and Debra Cross. He is the middle child of his parents and was interested in theater and music at a young age and acclaimed actor by 9.

Starred in Back to the Future Part 2


Elijah starred in popular Back to the Future series in Back to the Future Part 2 as a young boy watching Marty play an arcade game in the future. He was 8 years old during the filming and it was his first big role in the silver screen.

Starred in Radio Flyer


After his big noticeable role in Back to the Future 2, he starred alongside Hollywood great Tom Hanks in Radio Flyer. Wood plays Mike, a young boy who moves into a new town with his brother, mother and German Shepherd after his father leaves them. 

Starred in The Good Son


Elijah starred alongside Macaulay Culkin of the Home Alone fame in this psychological thriller where he plays Mark Evans a young boy -who experiences the death of his mother and is taken in by his father to live with his uncle and aunt in Maine. 

Starred in Deep Impact


After getting into the silver screen at a young age of 8, he kept growing as an actor and starred in the sci-fi disaster movie Deep Impact. He plays Leo Biederman, an amateur teen astronomer that discovers a comet is on a collision course with the Earth which will trigger and extinction event.

The movie was well received by critics. 

Starred in LOTR : The Fellowship of the Ring


Lord of the Rings was the defining movie that ricocheted Wood into stardom. The movie was an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's book of the same name. He portrays the protagonist Frodo Baggins - a hobbit who travels to a mountain named Mount Doom to destroy a ring which grants invisibility when worn. 

The movie was a box office success earning $871 million worldwide and he won an Empire award for best actor.

Starred in Lord Of The Ring : The Two Towers


After the huge success of LOTR (Lord of the Rings): The Fellowship of the ring, the sequel followed suit and he was called to reprise the role of Frodo Baggins. 

It was the highest grossing movie of 2002 earning $926,047,111 worldwide. 


Starred in Lord Of The Ring: The Return of the King


Elijah starred in the final installment in the Lord of the Rings reprising his role as Frodo Baggins in the series- completing the trifecta.  This movie earned him a Saturn Award For Best Actor. 

The movie also earned rave reviews and did exceptionally well in the box office making it one of the highest grossing movies of all time.