Elie Samaha Biography

Published On Feb 06, 2017
Facts of Elie Samaha
Date of Birth: 1955 , May-10
Birth Nation: Lebanon
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His first production credits go for the movie “The Immortals”. He worked for the Franchise Pictures and produced a movie like Battlefield. Besides producing a film, he was able to produce star vehicles more cheaply than the larger studios.

He was married to Diane Shamma. After ending the relationship Diane, he was for the second time with  Los Angeles-based actress, Tia  Carrere. Again he couldn’t continue his married life withCarrere and formally ended his relationship with her.

 His net worth is not revealed yet. As he was sued by Entertainment Pictures, he had to pay a huge amount of $70  million US dollar for Entertainment Pictures. This shows it was his big loss.

Elie Samaha facts on timeline

Born on 1955

May 10 , 1955

Elie Elie  Samaha was born in the year of 1955 on May 10, in  Zahle city of Lebanon as Elie Kheir in Zahle. He is a prolific film producer and successful entrepreneur. He got career success from Los Angels of USA.

Moved to the USA in 1979


He moved to the USA in 1979 from Lebanon. The United States turn out as fortunate land for this film producer. He owns a nightclub at Los Angels and also a real estate business in the United States.

Worked as a bouncer at Studio 54 in 1979


 In the year of 1979, he worked as a bouncer at Studio 54 in the United State of America. It was his first professional job in the States. He gained a lot of knowledge while working in the Studio 54.

Produced the first movie in 1995


In the year of 1995, he produced a first movie named, The Immortals. His carrer as a producer  became from this movie. Sicne then , he  began to produced  numbers of  movies. The number reached 83 coming into the year 2000.

Got married to Diane in 1980


 He got married to Diane Shamma in 1980. He was happily married but did not last long for more time. It was ended in the year 1980. He lived together with his Diane for eight years and they got separated.

Got married to Tia Carrere 1992


He got married to  Tia Carrere in the year 1992 after four years of his divorced with her first life Diane.  Tia is Los Angels based actress. He couldn’t continue his married life more than 8 years and he was separated with her in 2000.

Awarded in 2000


He was awarded a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture in the year 2000. He was awarded for the film Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000. He shared the award with John Travolta and Jonathan D.Krane.