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6 Effective Tips to Improve Your Relationship Instantly

Navin shah Tue Jun, 2018
6 Effective Tips to Improve Your Relationship Instantly


Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? If there is scope for making a partnership work better, where would be the best place to set any changes in motion? The good news is there are some fairly straightforward ways to improve your relationship. And these can be applied for instant results. Here are six of the most recommended.

Make time for real contact

The fast pace of modern life often makes it difficult to dedicate enough time for someone who is important to you. Even when you are snuggled together on the couch after a hard day at your respective jobs, there is always the temptation to stay connected with the outside world through social media.

But much as you might be tempted to respond to every single incoming communication as it bleeps onto your phone or other smart devices, it would improve your relationship no end if you could simply put gadgets to one side for a while. Rather than spending time surfing around Facebook searching for comic videos or touching base with your wider friend circle, aim to spend quality moments with the one you love, whether that means in-depth conversations or harmless chit-chat.


Even if your relationship is coasting along ‘nicely’ there is one aspect of human behavior guaranteed to put a real smile on both your faces: getting intimate with one another. Regular bedroom sessions are associated with couples in the first throes of love. But one way of improving your relationship is to keep reminding yourselves how exciting it can be to be intimate with one another. Nothing will create a bond quite like the warm glow that follows a passionate encounter. And unlike other activities that might ebb and flow, sex is something that will always tempt both parties to come back for more.


 It’s always encouraging to receive a compliment from someone you care about. While some will automatically give constructive comments about various aspects of their partner’s behavior, others will fall into the trap of simply taking things for granted. But one surefire way you can improve feelings towards each other is to offer regular positive opinions. The scope for this is endless – cooking, dress sense, a new hairstyle, a film recommendation. In many ways the actual subject of the courtesy is irrelevant. It’s the praise itself that will give their confidence a boost.

Share tasks

Your relationship will benefit immensely if you consider areas where you could pool your resources. Something as mundane as a big spring clean is obviously not one of the more romantic activities, but you can have fun doing things together, laughing and joking while you attend to your respective duties.

Always be honest

Your relationship shouldn’t need improving in this way as it is such a fundamental aspect, but you should always strive to be totally honest with one another. This will ensure your other half feels valued, and always prepared to trust you. Whether you originally met through an introduction by mutual friends or via an online dating site confide at all times.

Discuss future plans

An excellent way to strengthen any relationship is to look to the future together. Whether you’re planning holidays or new kitchen.