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Home Gossip Edy Ganem has a baby son! Who's the father?

Edy Ganem has a baby son! Who's the father?

Richa Fri Apr, 2016
Edy Ganem has a baby son! Who's the father?

Edy Ganem is very happy these days and the fact behind her good news is the new baby birth. Of course yes she finally welcomed her baby son into their world where she officially announced about the baby through instagram where she has posted her picture of the baby along with her family in February 23 on Tuesday. Edy is 23 years old and the caption was mentioned as #Myson #Myworld #Welcomefamily within the picture. Edy is extremely happy to announce it to her fans and she is planning to throw a party for this good news very soon.

But the interesting fact about her life and this baby is that she has not flashed the name of the father of the baby till today. There is no story whether she is married or divorce or either the name of the boyfriend whom her affair is running has been mentioned. Edy seems she is busy in her career but the news of her pregnancy made her fans to came into surprise. The fact behind her hidden story of affair is still unknown but according to one source she has kept her promise to dictate her love very soon that the baby boy belongs to.

Edy has also shared her latest planning about the baby among the media. She is soon changing the internal decoration of her place to make a proper settlement for her baby and even planning to make the room colorful to make attractive over the baby. She has also been to shopping with the best and attractive playing materials for the baby and she is planning to give a wealthy live to it. Even her family members are supporting to her for this and taking good care of mother and baby. Edy is very sensitive and careful about the newly born baby and has been posting the pictures.