Ebola Virus Kills 27 People in Congo Within 24 Hours; Highest Death Toll

Updated On 30 Apr, 2019 Published On

The fatal Ebola Virus killed 27 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in just 24 hours, which is now reported as the highest death toll till date.

Congo's health ministry informed the new 27 confirmed cases is a record-breaking number registered number which increased the number to 126 since last week.

On April 10, the epidemic killed 18 people making Sunday's the highest number till date. 

The current Ebola virus outbreak is the second worst in the country’s history, killing almost 957 to date.

The epidemic is rapidly spreading across the east of Congo, while repeated military attacks and mistrust of doctors has served as a catalyst for the disease.

According to Congo's Ministry of Health, about 1,466 confirmed cases of Ebola has struck the nation starting from August.


CAPTION: A medical officer in Congo

SOURCE: Dailymail


The disease has been worsened by the military, as they believe Ebola is a conspiracy against the third world nations.

Owing to that they have repeatedly attacked medical volunteers who are trying to fight the fatal virus.

The recent Ebola outbreak is the 10th Congo has witnessed since its discovery in 1976.

It has been marked as the second devastating epidemic since the one that broke out in West Africa in 2014.