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Home Gossip Dylan O’Brien is in long term Relationship with Fellow Actress, Who is that Lucky Guy?

Dylan O’Brien is in long term Relationship with Fellow Actress, Who is that Lucky Guy?

Ayush Rayamajhi Mon Mar, 2017
Dylan O’Brien is in long term Relationship with Fellow Actress, Who is that Lucky Guy?

Most of the people might be aware of the name Dylan O'Brien and lately, it's possible ladies are stalking the young star. If you are a girl and you don't know the young 25 years old star then you should check him out, you might also fall for this sexy bold man.

He doesn't only have a beautiful face but also is filled with talent. He is the star of the film, "The Maze Runner".

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Check out The Sexy Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien

Source: Pinterest

Dylan posing for Entertainment Weekly

We just asked the ladies to go check him out but here's a bad news for the female fans out there. It's about his current relationship status. He is now officially taken by a girl. Sorry girls, he is out of the market. And that lucky girl is also a charm, she is none other than Britt Robertson who is also an actor. If there are some Britt's superfan out there then sorry for them too. 

Look at this adorable couple together. Don't they look great! Of Course, they do.

Dylan O'Brien and his Girlfriend Britt Robertson

Source: BuzzFeed

Dylan O'Brien and his Girlfriend Britt Robertson

Dylan and Britt make a lovely couple and according to the source, it has been a long time they have been together.

Dylan First Meeting with his girlfriend Britt

The sweet couple; Dylan and Brit first met on the set of the movie "The First Time" back in 2012. The pair went public with their relationship after some period of time. Since the movie title was itself "The First Time", we feel they were destined to be together. They were soon tagged as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Check out the glimpse from movie "The First Time" where Dylan is kissing his girlfriend Britt 

The present lovers shared a couple of intimate scenes in the movie which might have flourished their chemistry and advanced their relation. You can see their strong chemistry in the movie. After the movie, they got along quite well and were seen together in different places enjoying their time.

Dylan and his Girlfriend Britt's relationship

In an interview with Dylan, when he was asked, who would he want to be lost in the world with, he took his girlfriend's name without any hesitation. That seemed pretty obvious to all of us. Right?

Source: BuzzFeed

Image: Dylan in an interview

Though the couple likes to keep their relationship very low-key we can still see the couple active in their social media accounts as they share their romantic pictures. Don't they set an example of a wonderful relationship?

Here's the picture of the lovebirds from Dylan's Instagram


A post shared by Dylan O'Brien (@obrien.official) on

We agree that being a celebrity, it's hard to avoid the paparazzi but this duo has managed to stay away from all of this. But not all the time.

Here's a picture of them together taken by a stalker.

Picture of Britt with her boyfriend Dylan taken by some stalker

Source: BuzzFeed

Picture of Britt with her boyfriend Dylan taken by some stalker

What would you feel when you lose behind all the media's cameras and still get snapped? Poor Dylan and Britt. It really seems hard be a celebrity. But, we still want to be one. Don't we?

The Fun and Loving Couple: Dylan and Britt

Even when the couple is followed so much by the paparazzi and fans they don't seem to care. The couple seems to be having a really good time and fun teasing one another. In a recent interview, she teased Dylan by saying that

"I thought he had an appendix that was rupturing."

She was talking about the time when O'Brien was injured during the shoot of the upcoming sequel "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" and was hospitalized for a short period of time. Britt has some humorous side to her.

Check out the video where Britt Robertson Talks Peeing Her Pants, First Kiss & Dylan O'Brien

Britt went to Atlanta, Georgia all the way from Vancouver to be with her injured lover. She drove from Vancouver to Seattle with her two dogs in order to catch a flight to Atlanta. This shows the love between them which might be the key to their successful relationship. And more to it, Britt loves her dogs!!

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Dylan on the set of Maze Runner

Source: Slash Film

Image: Dylan O'Brien on the set of the film "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure"

He recovered from his injury and we hope Dylan is perfectly fine now and ready for work. Everybody is excited to see his work in his new movie. We wish him luck.

Dylan's Upcoming Film

The film Maze Runner: The Death Cure was supposed to be released in February 2017, but was postponed all the way to January 2018 due to the production delay.

Check out the trailer of the Dylan O'Briens upcoming movie " Maze Runner: The Death Cure"

The Lovers Social Life: Relation with fans

The lovely couple seems to quite friendly with their fans. As we have some pictures of the couple with their amazing fans.

Dylan Britt with their fans

Source: Buzz Feed

Image: Dylan and Britt with their fans taking a picture

The couple seems to be really comfortable with their fans, which is an important thing that when one becomes a celebrity. If you don't have a good bond with your fans, it gets really hard for you to stay on top.

Dylan and Britt with their fans

Source: Buzz Feed

Image: Dylan Britt having fun with their fans

Both Dylan and Britt seems to be quite friendly as they spend some quality time with their fans. Check out the above pictures. With all this effort, their fans also look really excited to meet them.

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Bryan with his girlfriend Britt and actor George Clooney

Source: BuzzFeed

Britt introducing her boyfriend Dylan to George Clooney in the set of "Tomorrowland"

Dylan O'Brien and Brittany Robertson make an adorable couple. They seem to be enjoying each others company very well. We hope their happiness lasts long and the couple stays together forever.

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Even though Dylan and Britt make an adorable couple and we are sure they are having a quality time, some rumors of Brit dating his co-star Scott Eastwood came into news. We just hope this is all rumor and hope that the pair stays true to each other. Best of Luck!!