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Home Gossip Drew Barrymore confesses she is not ready for a relationship after divorce with Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore confesses she is not ready for a relationship after divorce with Will Kopelman

Ashmita Karki Mon Feb, 2017
Drew Barrymore confesses she is not ready for a relationship after divorce with Will Kopelman

Actress Drew Barrymore divorced her husband Will Kopelman recently after being in a relationship for four long years. However, she admits that she needs a while to start dating someone new.

Barrymore and Kopelman’s relationship is great even after the divorce as they have confessed about being good friends for the sake of their children. The pair has been spotted multiple times even after their separation.

Let's know the full story.

Drew Barrymore divorced husband Will Kopelman

Barrymore tied the knot with Kopelman in June 2012, but according to reports, their relationship got messed up soon after they got married. A close course claimed that Barrymore’s hippie nature had become unbearable for Kopelman. The source also accused Barrymore of not being a normal housewife.

Image: Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

Image: Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman


Despite the fact that Barrymore and Kopelman had been living apart for past six months before their official separation, their divorce actually got finalized on 3rd August 2016

Barrymore and ex-husband Will Kopelman share the custody of their daughters

Barrymore and Kopelman are parents to two angelic daughters Olive, three, and Frankie, two. There was no rivalry over their daughter’s custody as their divorce statement had an agreement of co-parenting their daughters. They both said that their girls are their first priority.

Image: Drew Barrymore and daughters

Image: Drew Barrymore and her two daughters


Drew Barrymore's daughters are her strength

Barrymore loves her daughters more than anything as she reveals that her daughters are her favorite people on the planet and seeing them every day gives her happiness. She also admits that being a mother gives her 'strength, clarity, conviction, health and focus...'

Video: Drew Barrymore with daughter Frankie

During an interview, Barrymore and Kopelman said that they both were unhappy towards the legal separation of their family. They said:

'Divorce might make one feel like a failure, but eventually you start to find grace in the idea that life goes on.’

Drew Barrymore admits divorce as biggest failure

Barrymore also opened up saying that she feels like a failure as it is not like a breakup where you accept that things didn’t work out and move on, but divorce is the biggest failure.

Image: Drew Barrymore

Image: Drew Barrymore


You might be unaware that Kopelman is Barrymore’s third husband as she was previously married to Jeremy Thomas in 1994 at an early age of 19. Barrymore and Thomas got divorced within two months. After that, she married Tom Green in 2001, but sadly it also lasted for only five months.

Barrymore and Will Kopelman still good friends

After their divorce, the couple was said to be on Nantucket Island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts enjoying their family time. They were also spotted taking a stroll in New York.

Image: Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman spotted post their divorce


Drew Barrymore not ready to date

Barrymore accepts that she is not ready to date someone new at present as she is still in shock over things regarding her recent divorce. She also opened up saying that she is going to take a while to move out of her past relationship and begin a new one.

We hope Barrymore gets the man she wants and hope that she maintains a good relationship with her children and family. We wish all the success to Barrymore.