Dr. Luke Seeks $50 Million from Kesha: Claims She Defamed Him

Updated On 30 May, 2018 Published On

The war between Dr. Luke and Kesha has been an ongoing legal battle for the past three years. And in the latest lawsuit battle, Dr. Luke sued Kesha as the lengthy lawsuit is preventing him from making good money and he is currently seeking $50 million from the Tick Tock singer.

The lawsuit battle between the two started in October 2014. In the month, Kesha claimed that the record producer sexually assaulted her and abused her over the decade of their working relationship.

And in the same month, Luke sued her for defaming him and breaching their contract. For the case, the two fought in the court for years, and it just does not seem to end.

CAPTION: Dr.-Luke-and-Kesha before 2014 SOURCE: Dazed

Meanwhile, the producer is seeking $50 million because of all the loss his bank account has faced because of Kesha’s sexual assault allegation.

He shared that if Kesha had not accused him, he would have made $29.9 million through his work as a producer, $8.7 million from co-writing songs with her label’s songwriters. Followed by $10.2 million from work with Katy Perry’s three upcoming albums which we would have gotten to work on otherwise.

Dr. Luke’s team even shared a statement with Wonderwall which said:

Kesha's false accusations have caused tremendous damage to Dr. Luke, his family and his businesses. Kesha's recent court filing misstates and misrepresents an expert accountant's calculations of certain revenue that Mr. Gottwald has lost as a result of Kesha's false accusations. The ultimate amount of Dr. Luke's damages is for a jury to decide.

As reported by The Blast, Kesha responded:

 She didn’t think he’d be able to make the sum based upon his past hits and ability to secure top performers.

Nonetheless, the claims have been thrown out by an NY judge, and Dr. Luke can say bye to the $50 million which he was dreaming of.